SMS Information System


Mobile Number : 9442551111
Send String

e.g. MOB4010600501*9442551111

By registering the Mobile Number the student may get periodical alerts/reminders like Tuition Fee Last date; PCP Date; Examination Date; Result Publication Date; Re-Admission; Grievance Redressed;
Useful for those who have not mentioned their Mobile Number in the Application form Or Change in their Mobile Number;

Reply message will be
a) Mobile No. included in the Student Information for <enrolmentnumber>
b) New Mobile Number Changed for <enrolment_number>

e.g. ADQ0040701234

Student who wish to check their Address may use this Option;
Also useful for Students who apply for Change of Name, Change of Address may get confirmed about their grievance redressed;

The Name and Address will be sent for the given <enrolment_number>

e.g. AMQ704124

Admission Status for the given <application_number>
Reply message will be

a) If Admission Confirmed:
Your Enr.No. <Enrolment Number, Name>;
b) If ineligible for Admission:
Eligibility Criteria not fulfilled; <reason for ineligible>
c) If Tuition Fees due:
Admission Fees Due; Please Pay Rs. <ADMN FEES> before <Last Date10 >

e.g. DDQ0030700101

Details of Payment received from <enrolment_number>
Reply contains

List of Payments with Draft/Challan Number, Date of Payment, Amount

e.g. SMQ0030500101

Reply message will be
a) Lesson Despatched on <RL_Issue_Date> for <II/III/IV> Year
b) Contact nearest Study Centre for Grievance

e.g. PCP0030500101

Details of Personal Contact Programme of the Study Year for the Centre which the student belongs to.
Reply contains Date with Venue

e.g. OPQ0030500101
Reply message will be
Optional Subject(s) alloted for the <enrolment_number>

e.g. OPQ0030400246
Reply message will be
a) Transfer Certificate Number and Date
b) Contact nearest Study Centre for Grievance

e.g. PFQ009,2007-2008
Reply message will be
The Tuition Fees Structure of the <Programme> for the <Year>
RCQ<regno OR enrolment_number> Display Result for Current Examination
Reply contains Name,Subjectcode and Marks
ROQ<regno OR enrolment_number> Display Result for Previous Examinations (Passed only)
Reply contains Name,Subjectcode and Marks