Centre for Rural Development




The Centre for Rural Development plays a vital role in nation building, and it offers two post-graduate programs in addition to M.Phil., and Ph.D research programs. The centre has conducted two U.G.C national seminars, one workshop, and one refresher course. The Farmers Club is a unique concept to extend professional assistance to agriculturalists, and the department has fifty nine clubs. It is a nascent centre of learning, hence the production 2 Ph.Ds only. The department has undertaken 4 research projects worth 11 lakhs of rupees. The faculty have published 7 research papers. The department has also organized two national seminars and workshops, and five rural training programmes. In or order to serve the cause of the society, the department has organized 43 Meet with Expert programmes. Also 70 training programmes and a village camps have been organized by the department. With the co-operation of banks the department has adopted 55 villages. Two of the faculty have won awards. The centre plans for greater perfection in the future.