Manufacturing Engineering



The Department of Manufacturing Engineering (erstwhile Department of Production Engineering) was established in 1984 with nine teaching faculty, and by now, has become the cynosure of academic excellence in its three decades of existence.

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering is a multifaceted educational hub, each face revealing its own distinctive features. One is the regular on–campus programmes from which radiate the fundamental knowledge of manufacturing engineering to the thirsty students. Another is the effervescent and attractive off-campus programmes catering to the stringent demands and ambitious dreams of the employed populace to update their knowledge and fine-tune their skills. In between is the vibrant research facet of the department with a team of inspiring researchers. The Department has the pride of having produced 50 Ph. D’s since its inception, about 600 research contributions in reputed Journals and about 15 crores of research grants from various prestigious R&D organizations and funding agencies of national repute. Leading the Faculty with the maximum number of research contributions is an indication of the research advancements made by the department in its illustrious existence.

Special Status Achieved
  • DST-FIST Level 1 Status (2000)
  • UGC-SAP Assisted DRS Department Status (2009)
  • UGC Assisted Department with Innovative Programme Status (2010)
  • DST-FIST Level 2 Status with Potential for Excellence (2011)
  • UGC-SAP Phase II Status (2014)

MoU Signed
  • Kumamoto University, Japan
  • National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum
  • Mailam Industries Private Ltd., Pondicherry