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Staff Id : 01568
Qualification : M.Sc.,Ph.D.,M.Ed.,
Specialization : Materials Science, Analytical Instrumentation
Date of Birth : 09-09-1965
Date of Joining : 29-12-2001
Present Address Contact Number E-Mail Address
Centralised Instrumentation & Service Laboratory (CISL),
Department of Physics, Annamalai University
Annamalai Nagar - 608 002
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 27-
Ph.D. 52

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Attended 2110--10
Conducted ----1

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List of Publications - National
G. Sivakumar, K. Mohanraj and S. Barathan, "Effect of Fly ash and Water in Hydrated Blended-Cement Composite, .", Annamalai University Science Journal, Volume 46, Number 0, 2010, pp. 1-4. 2010.
G. Sivakumar, K .Mohanraj, S.senthilmurugan, R.Nithya, and S. Barathan,, "The influence of Chemical Composition on Flyash-Cement Composite,.", Eco-Chronicle,, Volume 3, Number 1, 2008, pp. 37-42. 2008.
D. Govindarajan G. Sivakumar, S. Barathan and R.Goplakrishnan, "Microstructure and Strength of Portland Cement Hydrated with Distilled and Sea water..", Annamalai University Science Journal , Volume 45, Number 0, 2008, pp. 85-90. 2008.
G. Sivakumar, K .Mohanraj, K.Thiruppathi, S. Barathan, Govindarajan, K. Raghu, "FTIR analysis of Flyash Admixtured Cement..", Acta Ciencia Indica,, Volume 33, Number 1, 2007, pp. 1089-1090. 2007.
K .Mohanraj, R.Ravibasker, R.Shanthi, G. Sivakumar, ", Electron Microscopic study of Solid Waste Flyash Blended Cement.", Eco-Chronicle, , Volume 2, Number 2, 2007, pp. 91-96. 2007.
List of Publications - International
J. Joy JebaVijila, K. Mohanraj, J.Henry, G. Sivakumar, "Microwave-assisted Bi2Se3 nanoparticles using various organic solvents,.", Spectrachemica Acta Part A: molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, Volume 153, Number -, 2016, pp. 457-464. 2016.
Abirami Muthukannan, J. Henry, G. Sivakumar, K. Mohanraj , "Fabrication and characterization of vacuum evaporated Al:CuSe2 thin films, .", Superlattices and Microstructures, , Volume 89, Number -, 2016, pp. 83-88. 2016.
J. Joy JebaVijila, K. Mohanraj, G. Sivakumar, "Influence of copper concentration on the opto-structural, morphological and electrical properties of novel MoSb2â^'xCuxSe2 thin films,.", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 41, Number -, 2016, pp. 389-403. 2016.
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S.Dinesh, S.Barathan, V.K.Premkumar, G.Sivakumar, N.Anandhan, ""Hydrothermal synthesis of zinc stannate (Zn2SnO4) nanoparticles and its application towards photocatalytic and antibacterial activity".", Journal of Materials Science; Materials in Electronics, Volume 27, Number 9, May 2016, pp. 9668-9675. 10.1007/s10854-016-5027-y.
Paul Nesamony Prathiba Jeya Helan, Kannusamy Mohanraj, Sethuramachandran Thanikaikarasan, Thaiyan Mahalingam, Ganesan Sivakumar, P.J. Sebastian,, ". Ethylenediamine Processed Cu2SnS3 Nano Particles via Mild Solution Route, .", Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems, Volume 19, Number 0, 2016, pp. 1-5. 2016, .
S.Dinesh, M.Anandhan,S.Barathan, V.K.Premkumar, G.Sivakumar, N.Anandhan, "“Photocatalytic and electrochemical performance of hydrothermally synthesized cubic Cd2SnO4 nanoparticles”.", Materials Science and Engineering B,, Volume 214, Number 2016, Dec 2016, pp. 37-45. 10.1016/j.mseb.2016.08.006.
Jebadurai Joy Jeba Vijila, Kannusamy Mohanraj, Sethuramachandran Thanikaikarasan, Ganesan Sivakumar, Thaiyan Mahalingam, Luis Ixtlilco, "Influence of copper concentration on the structural and optical properties of chemically deposited CuSbS2 thin films.", Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems, Volume 19, Number -, 2016, pp. 15-19. 2016.
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P. Prathiba Jeya Helan, K. Mohanraj, G. Sivakumar,, "Doping of Sn transition metal in CuSe2 thin films and its effect on structural evolvement and opto-electrical properties,.", Applied Physics A , Volume 122, Number -, 2016, pp. 718-721. 2016.
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List of Conferences - National
M. Shanmugam, G. Sivakumar and K. Mohanraj, Fabrication and Technological Properties of Coffee Husk Ash Blended Ceramic Electrical Insulators, National Conference On Advanced Materials , Mar 21-22, 2016, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai-603110, pp. 21-21. Dept.of Physics, SSN College of Engineering, .
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Life Member, The Indian Science congress Association - L21099