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Staff Id : 04162
Name : Dr. K. JOTHY
Qualification : M.A.,M.B.A.,Ph.D.,
Date of Birth : 16-01-1959
Date of Joining : 01-03-1999
Present Address Contact Number E-Mail Address
8/16, Aranganathan Nagar
Chidambaram. 608001
Research Guidance
Discipline Awarded Guidance
M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 2020
Ph.D. 44

Conference /Seminar / Symposia / Workshop
Conference Seminar Symposia Workshop
National International
Attended 10428-2
Conducted 2-4--

Research Projects
Major Projects Minor Projects Total Amount (Rs.)
Completed -12,50,000
Ongoing ---
Teaching and Research Experience Industry Experience
20 Years -
Journals Conference Books Published Popular Article
National International National International
12 8 1 - 21

List of Publications - National
Jothy K, "Life Skill Interventions on Age at Marriage.", Indian Journal of Scholarly Research, Volume 1, Number 1, Jan 2013, pp. 49-52. 2013.
Jothy K, "Reproductive and Child Health Status Differentials in Tamilnadu.", Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences., Volume 4, Number 2, Aug 2013, pp. 223-230. 2013.
Jothy K, "Is Menstrual Hygiene and management an issue for the rural adolescent school girls?.", Elixir Online Journal of Social Science , Volume 15, Number 44, Sep 2012, pp. 7223-7228. 2012.
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Jothy K, "Knowledge of Mothers about Child Nutrition under five years of Age.", Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume 1, Number 8, Sep 2012, pp. 67-73. 2012.
Jothy,K., "Health Dimensions of Slum People.", Good Governance and Sustainable Development,, Volume Vol.1, Number 1, Jun 2012, pp. 142-146. 2012.
Jothy,K., "Are Maternal and Child Health related MDGs achievable in India?.", Good Governance and Sustainable Development,, Volume Vol.II, Number 2, Jun 2012, pp. 84-88. 2012.
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Jothy K, "Muslims in India – A Demographic perspective.", Journal of the Annamalai University, Part A – Humanities, Volume XLIII, Number 1, Sep 2006, pp. 67-73. 2006.
Jothy K, "Self-Help Groups under the Women’s development programme in Tamil Nadu: Achievements, bottlenecks and recommendations,.", SOCIAL CHANGE, Volume 32, Number 3&4, Sep 2002, pp. 195-204. 2002.
Jothy K, "India’s Population - Puzzling Patterns in Censes, 2001.", Platinum Jubilee Journal of the Annamalai University ‘Humanities’, Volume Vol.1, Number 1, Aug 2002, pp. 48-54. 2002.
Jothy K, "Educational Facilities for the Tribes of Tamil Nadu.", SOCIAL CHANGE, Volume 21, Number 2, Sep 1999, pp. 32-38. 1999.
List of Publications - International
Jothy K, "General Health Problems of Adolescent Girls in Rural area- A Study in Chidambaram area of Cuddalore District in Tamilnadu.", International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Review(IJMDRR), Volume Vol.1, Number Issue.18, Aug 2016, pp. 9-13. 2016.
JOTHY.K, "JUVENILE SEX RATIO IN TAMILNADU – A DISTRICT LEVEL ANALYSIS.", Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Volume Vol.5, Number Issue.9, Sep 2015, pp. 180-193. 2015,.
JOTHY.K, "SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC DETERMINANTS OF CHILD SEX RATIO IN TAMILNADU.", International Journal of Management And Social Science Research Review , Volume Vol.1, Number Issue.14, Aug 2015, pp. 241-246. 2015,.
Jothy K, "GENERAL GYNECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS AMONG THE RURAL WOMEN IN TAMILNADU -A Study in Chidambaram area of Cuddalore District.", Asia Pacific Journal of Research, Volume I, Number XVIV, Nov 2014, pp. 136-140. 2014.
Jothy K, "Socio economic and Demographic Determinants of women Infected with RTIs,.", International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 1, Number 1, Jun 2012, pp. 79-83. 2012.
Jothy K, "Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Reproductive Health Care Services among the Members and Non-members of Self-Help Groups(SHGs).", International Journal of Global Research Analysis, Volume 1, Number 1, Jun 2012, pp. 98-100. 2012.
Jothy K, "Utilization of Reproductive Health Care Services in `BIMARU` States in India,.", International Journal of Current Research, Volume 3, Number 10, Dec 2011, pp. 157-161. 2011.
Jothy K, "Patterns of Internal Migration: An analysis using Census Data of Tamilnadu.", International Journal of Current Research, , Volume 3, Number 11, Dec 2011, pp. 89-96. 2011.
List of Conferences - National
K.Jothy, Forest Areas and Population Growth in Tamilnadu-An Overview, Common property Resources:Issues & Challenges, Mar 23-24, 2017, Centre for Rural Development, Annamalai University., pp. 82-86. Annamalainagar,Tamilnadu, Concept Publishers,Madurai.
List of Book Published
Jothy K, Urbanization in India, Problems and Solutions (Volume II), (Ed.) , 102,I Floor,Satyam House,4327/3,Ansari Road,Darya Ganj,New Delhi-110002.: ABD Publishers, 978-81-8376-383-7(2 Vol.Set), pp. 123-141. Dec 2012,
K.Jothy,S.Vasuki, REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH STATUS OF WOMEN IN TAMILNADU, Gyan Books Pvt Ltd.,Gyan Avenue,12 PragatiMarket,ASHOK vihar-2,Delhi-110052: Kalpaz Publication, 9788121201391, pp. 1-250. Jun 2017,
List of Popular Article
Jothy K, Good Governance and Sustainable Development/ Health Dimensions of Slum People, Today Publishers,Bells Road,Chennai-5: Today Publishers, 978-93-81992-10-4, pp. 347-352. Jun 2012,
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
International Union for Scientific Study of Population(IUSSP) - 1245
Asian Population Association(APA) - 125
Association of Gerentology,India(AGI) - 182
Indian Association for Social Science and Health(IASSH) - 429
Indian Association for the Study of Population(IASP) - L-209