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    Students Welfare & Grievance Redressal Cell

     Annamalai University administration is very much interested in the welfare of the students. After taking over the administrative control of the University by the Government, several measures have been taken for the benefit of the students such as merit based admission, admission through counselling based on Higher Secondary marks, implementation of the Rule of Reservation of the Government of TamilNadu, sanction of first graduate scholarship etc.
     Student’s Grievance Redressal Mechanism including SMS based Students Grievance Redressal System is in place.
     In order to make the Students Grievance Redressal Mechanism more interactive, participative and effective based on the representation from the students, it is proposed to form a Students Welfare & Grievance Redressal Committee for redressing the grievances of the students. The committee shall comprise of a cosmopolitan mixture of authorities, Senior Faculties, Staff Coordinators, Hostel Wardens, Heads of Sections and students.

     Accordingly a committee comprising of the following members is formed:

1. The Registrar
2. All Deans of Faculties
3. Professor & Head Department of Tamil
4. Professor & Head Department of Library Sciences
5. Professor & Head Department of Earth Sciences
6. Professor & Head Department of Physics
7. Professor & Head Department of Lifelong Learning
8. Professor & Head Department of Civil Engg.,
9. Professor & Head Department of Mechanical Engg.,
10. Professor & Head Department of Agronomy.
11. Convener, Wardens Council
12. Co-ordinator, Equal Opportunity Cell
13. The Warden, Tamarai Illam
14. The Warden, Rose Hostel
15. The Warden, RSA Hostel
16. Dr. G. Ravi, Professor, Department of Economics
17. Dr. A. Arunmozhi, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
18. Dr. S. Abraham Lincon, Professor, Department of E & I.
19. Dr. D. Ashokkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy
20. Deputy Registrar, ‘K’ Section
21. Asst. Registrar ‘H’ Section
22. Superintendent, ‘D1’ Section
23. Mr. N. Varadharajan, II. M.A. Tamil (CBCS)
24. Ms. S. Sasi, III. B.P.E.,
25. Mr. S. Kumaravel, II. M.Sc., Botany (CBCS)
26. Ms. M. Jaya Deena, V. M.Sc., Chemistry (Integrated)
27. Ms. A. Ananthi, IV. B.E. (C & S)
28. Mr. M. Prakash, III. B.E. (Mechanical Engg.)
29. Mr. G.K. Dinesh, Final B.Sc., (Agri.)
30. Ms. M. Saranya, Final B.Sc., (Agri.)
31. Ms. K. Ramya, II. M.A., English (CBCS)
32. Mr. K. Mohanraj, II. M.Com., (CBCS) Accounting & Finance
33. Mr. Moses. P. Pragawal, Final M.B.B.S.
34. Ms. R.A. Abinaya, Final B.D.S.
35. Ms. A. Bragannayagi, IV B.Sc., Nursing


     The committee shall reinforce the existing systems to look after the welfare of the students. The committee shall reach exhaustively to the students and shall coordinate with the students, provide them with solutions to suit the interest of the students and the university.
     The representation of various issues, once brought to the notice of the committee, shall be prioritized and dealt with utmost seriousness till redressed. Committee shall brainstorm on the issues at hand, and come out with a time bound action plan, after carefully exploring all possible avenues for an optimum solution.
      The committee shall meet once in a fortnight to discuss issues with participation of the students. The minutes of the meeting, the action plan drafted and the action taken report shall be forwarded to the authorities for necessary follow up action.


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