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Dermatology, Venereal & Leprosy

        The department of Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy (DVL) has been functioning since the inception of the college in 1985. It was first headed by Prof Dr. Vijiyalakshmi, Professor of Venereology from Chennai. Subsequently after her retirement Prof. Dr. Vijay Bhushnam headed the department from 1992-2002. From 2002 - 2014 Prof. Dr. P. V. S. Prasad MD.,DD.,DV was the head and as he was promoted to the dean of the medical college, from 17/05/2014 onwards Dr. P.K. Kaviarasan become the Head of the department.

        Prof Dr. P.K.Kaviarasan, Prof Dr. Prasad. PVS and Dr. Sandeep Zackria Ullas senior resident are the regular teaching staffs. The department imparts training to undergraduate MBBS students of 4th, 6th, and 8th semesters during their 15 days postings in each semester under dermatology. The basic skills in DVL are taught. Special focus on leprosy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) are given along with common dermatological conditions and their management strategies during their clinical postings. Guidelines for making the clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, lab diagnosis, management of both patients and partners, counseling and preventive aspects are given as a part of their training. The undergraduates are also exposed to lecture classes, seminars by the staffs and students. Their skills are periodically assessed and well documented in their log books.

        Post graduate course was started in the year 1999 with an annual intake up to two post graduate degree (MD DVL) and one post graduate Diploma (DDVL) students. The post graduate students are adequately trained in all aspects of DVL. The basic skills in DVL are taught by staff both at the outpatient department and regularly during ward rounds. Post graduates are given adequate training in order to make the appropriate clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, lab diagnosis, management of patients. Recent guidelines of management are also discussed.

        Our post graduate students are trained to carry out side lab investigations. The treatment is given for both patient and partners along with counseling and discussion of preventive aspects of the disease. Adequate training of post graduates regarding the management of dermatological emergencies also given. Hands on training of all the cosmetology and cosmetic surgery related procedures like iontophoresis, electro surgeries, cryo surgeries, Co2 laser surgeries, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, dermabrasion (manual and motorized), partial thickness split skin grafting, punch grafting, subcision, dermaroller and tattooing are given. Specialized experts in dermato and cosmetic surgeries are invited periodically to deliver guest lectures and to train our post graduates regarding advanced dermato-surgical procedures like Laser hair reduction, hair transplantation and laser skin resurfacing.

        Our department at present is the main referral centre for DVL cases in and around four districts and taking care of rural population. Our department functions from morning 8 am till evening 4 pm. Emergency calls are being attended by the duty doctors as per the schedule. It is compulsory for them to present the cases to the teaching staffs and after getting their opinion the treatment is given. We organize special health education programs, camps. We celebrate international important health care related diseases days like, world psoriasis day and world AIDS day of every year. We conduct special programs, health exhibition and patient counseling regarding their disease status. For the benefit of the patients we extended our services as special follow up clinics for psoriasis and leprosy on two days a week from 2pm- 4pm.

Heads of the department :
Prof Dr. Vijiyalakshmi, MD Venereology      : 1985 - 1992.
Prof. Dr. Vijay Bhushnam                             :1992 - 2002.
Prof. Dr. P. V. S. Prasad MD.,DD.,DV          : 2002 - 2014.
Prof Dr. P.K. Kaviarasan MD., DVL              :17th May 2014 till date

Academic Teaching programs
        Post graduates are trained to present short topics every day as per schedule and in rotation all the teaching faculty are given incharge. We are regularly conducting long case is discussion,  seminars in dermatology, Leprosy and STD topics, Journal clubs, symposium, debate and Quiz between postgraduates. Everyday all the postgraduates who are posted in respected opds will bring the cases and discussed by Head and teaching staff. Every day ward rounds will be taken by staeaching staff as per the time table and grand rounds are being conducted on every Monday where entire department staff and postgraduates will be attending that. All the inpatient cases will be discussed in detail.

Special postings (in hospital and outside
          All MD (DVL) Post graduates are regularly posted in following dermatology related departments during their 2nd year of post graduation as follows: General medicine (6 weeks), Pathology (4 weeks), Micro biology (2 weeks) and Plastic surgery (2 weeks). Our Post graduates are regularly posted in Govt hospital for extending our DVL care for the poor patients in this district.

Programmes Offered
  • MD., DVL