The Department of English in the Faculty of Arts is one of the major departments fulfilling the requisites of universities and colleges elsewhere that students should learn a minimum of one European language in addition to the vernacular, and indeed, the department includes teaching French to the students in addition to English. The faculty in the department is well equipped to offer different programs in English ranging from certificate to Ph.D., and there are five professors, two associate professors, one reader and thirteen assistant professors on the staff. In the last two decades, innovative programs have been offered to the students, and they are a five year integrated Master’s program in English, a two year Master’s program in English Literature and American Studies, and a Certificate Program in Spoken English in addition to the regular M.A., CBCS program. Six hundred volumes have been added to the library in the department, and there are 6000 books on the shelves not including research journals, magazines, and periodicals for the perusal of students, researchers and the faculty. To keep abreast of the times, the faculty engage themselves in research pursuits, and during the period 2007to 2012, 129 researchers have earned M.Phil., degrees, and 30 their Ph.D. degrees. Research publication is on the raise and 115 research papers have been published in national and international journals and an equal number of papers have been presented at national and international seminars, conferences and symposia both on campus and off campus. The department has organized 7 national seminars and workshops in the last five years faculty has published a score of books. Four research projects worth 5.25 lakhs were taken up and successfully completed. Dr.K.Muthuraman, Professor and Head, Department of English earned the academic distinction of participating in the US Dept. of State’s Six week Fulbright Scholar Program on contemporary American Literature, from 15 June 2012 to 28 July 2012, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The faculty give training in spoken English to the students on campus especially students hailing from rural areas so as to make them competent in soft skills to vie with others when they enter the labour market after earning their degrees. The Department of English has a mission and every year the faculty achieves its target.