Centre for Population Studies




The Department of Population Studies functions in consonance with the national poliy of the Government of India, and the progress the department has made is commendable. To meet the growing demand for new innovative programs from the students, both Indian and international, seven academic courses have been introduced in the department viz. tow M.A. programs, one B.A., program, one P.G.Diploma and three diploma programs. Five Projects worth 12.2 lakhs and seventeen thousand rupees have been undertaken, and the Project Directors are making consistent progress. In the last five years, 6 M.Phils and 7 Ph.D have been produced by the department. Sharing findings with academics elsewhere is the significance of research, and in this spirit, twelve national seminars have been conducted in the department, making meaningful contributions to nation building. The faculty have published 64 research papers in national and international journals. The department has organized five national conferences and workshops and 7 training programmes.