Business Administration




The Department of Business Administration is the largest component of the Faculty of arts which thrives everyday in its academic and research endeavours to inculcate in the prospective entrepreneurs the ideas of business management. Four M.B.A., programs of multeity have been introduced in the department to meet the growing demands of young learners for appropriate placement. The faculty have received encomia from different quarters of the academic world for earning 9 projects worth 23 lakhs of rupees. The department has executed 6 consultancy projects worth 11 lakhs of rupees. Both academic pursuits and research progress are in tune with the strides made elsewhere, and the result of these endeavours motivated researchers in qualifying themselves for a Ph.D. The department has produced 16 Ph.Ds and 31 M.Phils, 433 research papers have been published in national and international journals. Further the department has struck 4 MOUs with four Indian and foreign institutes and organizations. The department is on a par with its namesake in any other institution in the country and it is explicit in the 34 national and international seminars conducted during 2007-2012. Annamalai teachers are second to none, and in endorsement of this claim, teachers have received 23 honours and awards in recognition of their contributions to realm of knowledge, and surmounting all this, the department celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2003.