The department was started in the year 1956 with a lecturer to instruct students of sister departments. Dr.K. Rangasamy Ayyar who was Professor and Head of the department (from1966 - 1972) started a B.A. degree course with the twin majors Economics and Statistics. Subsequently a three-year B.Sc., (Hons) degree course equivalent to the postgraduate degree course was started.

        In 1958 a three-year B.Sc., Degree course with statistics as major was also started. The M.Sc degree course was started in the year 1959 after the abolition of the three year B.A / B.Sc. Honours course.


        Dr. Sankaranarayanan was the Professor and Head between 1973 and 1981 of the combined department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Department of Statistics was made separate in the year 1981 and Dr. V.R. Nandagopal was in charge of it for a short period from 1.7.82 to 31.6.83. Between 1.7.83 and 31.6.99, Dr. M. Rajagopalan headed the Department of Statistics. Then Dr. R. Sathiamoorthy took over as Professor and Head on 1.7.99 and served till 31.6.2002 and then Dr. R. Sivasamy took over as Professor and Head of the Statistics Department from 1.7.2002 to February 2008 and Dr. M.K. Ravichandran was Professor and Head from February 2008 to 8.11.2013 and presently Dr. V. Rajagopalan took over as Head of the Department from 9.11.2013.