The Department of Chemistry was started some 80 years ago. The graduates in Chemistry found themselves in highly successful research institutions within a short span of time. Some of them are working in Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Orchid Chemicals Ltd., Cavincare. In this branch, around 58 scholars have received their doctorates and 123 scholars received M.Phil. degree. Now about 160 students are doing research in various fields of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Good laboratories, sophisticated instruments like GC-MS and NMR are available for the benefit of faculty, research scholars and students. More than 600 research papers have been published in SCI Journals by the faculty members of chemistry. The faculty have also presented their research findings in National and International seminar and conferences.


The Department of Chemistry has been sponsored by UGC-SAP (44.50 lakhs) and DST-FIST (179.00 lakhs). The Department has mobilized research fund to a tune of 519.06 lakhs from various research organizations including DRDO. The faculty members have filed patents also.