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The Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics is a well known centre for its contributions in Dravidian Linguistics for the last 60 years. In 1954 the Department of Dravidian Philology was established to commemorate the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Annamalai University, which eventually developed into Department of Linguistics in 1956, having attained fame as a reputed Department of Linguistics.  In 1963 it was upgraded as a Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics with liberal grants from UGC.  Since then, the Department recorded phenomenal growth, offering various courses and carrying out higher-level research.  It also provided facilities for learning Dravidian Languages. This Centre is responsible for spreading Linguistics in this part of the Country.  Students trained in this Centre are occupying enviable positions in several Linguistics Departments and other Institutions in India and Abroad.  Five of the former eminent scholars of this centre have been appointed as Vice-Chancellors of different Universities in India. It exhibits its eminence and scholarship of this centre.
In 1967 the Centre was selected for assistance under the British Commonwealth Education Co-operation Programme and the Colombo Plan, which provided opportunities for the  exchange of staff between this Centre and different Universities in U.K.

Extension Services

  • The centre promotes interdisciplinary study, particularly with Computer Science & Engineering faculty by offering a course in Natural Language Processing and by conducting research for the past 11 years.
  • Centre for Speech and Language Disorder  Studies was also established in 2006 and rendering service to children with aphasia, dyslexia, mentally retarted, Autism, etc.,
  • Consultancy to NLP research Institutes.
  • Training Programmes:

Many refresher courses have been conducted by our department for the benefit of the teachers of colleges and Universities an different objects of linguistics and language teaching.

  • Awareness:

A course on Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been introduced since 2000 for the M.Sc.(Information Technology) and in the M.Sc.(Software Engineering) to give an awareness about the interdisciplinary research area.

  • Action oriented:

Under centre for Speech and Language disorders therapy is given six hours per week for five children. Assessment is made based on Test batteries and therapy is given based on linguistics.

  • Consultancy:

Four of our Faculty have been taken as consultant in the compilation of Tamil lexicon and material preparation for ‘online’ teaching, question-bank construction and software preparation for languages.
Future Plan
Centre for Dravidian Diaspora

  • The study of Indian Diaspora has emerged as an important branch of knowledge in recent years. A diaspora (from Greek "scattering, dispersion") is a scattered population with a common origin in a smaller geographic area. Diaspora can also refer to the movement of the population from its original homeland. Diaspora has come to refer particularly to historical mass dispersions of an involuntary nature, such as the expulsion of Tamils during the coolie slave trade under British rule. In fact, there have appeared two parallel traditions of research and analysis: literary and social scientific. In the social scientific study of overseas Indians, three disciplines, i.e., history, Linguistics, anthropology and sociology have been particularly active. In terms of its concerns, sociolinguistic research has evolved through three phases so far which, may be designated as cultural, structural and political. In the initial phase, It was dominated by the cultural perspective which focused on the study of Anthropological Linguistics of the diasporic community, particularly on the questions of cultural continuity and change, identity and integration, and resilience and adaptation. There appeared the structural perspective with its focus on the study of structural dimensions such as gender in Indian diaspora, caste in Indian diaspora, Regional identities in Indian diaspora, including Tamils diaspora, Malayasian diaspora and Kannadikas diaspora, etc., and the issues of racial discrimination. The Centre for Dravidian Diaspora mainly focus on the anthoropological linguistics dynamics in Indian Diaspora. Living Malaysia, Singapore, Morisias, Fiji, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA etc.,
  • At present the centre is having UGC Special Assistance Programme of IV Phase 2010-2015.
  • After completion of the IV Phase of UGC SAP, the centre is trying to get
    Centre for Excellence (for the year 2015-2020).