Engineering Mathematics



The Mathematics Section exists right from the inception of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (1945). It serves to provide a strong foundation in Engineering Mathematics which in turn serves as a baseline for all Engineering streams. Following eminent Professors headed the Section:Dr. V. Rengachari (1945-1965), Dr. G. Sankaranarayanan (1965-1972), Dr. P. A. Jayaraj (1972-1994), Dr. AR. Meenakshi (1994-1998), Dr. N. Renganathan (1998-2001), Dr. K. Vairamanickam (20012010) and Prof. A. Chockalingam (2010-2012). Currently, the Head of the Section is Dr. R. Sampathkumar.


The major thrust areas of the Section are: Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Graph Theory, Design Theory, Automata Theory, Queueing Theory, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Modelling, Wavelet Theory, Fuzzy Algebra, Fuzzy Matrix Theory, and Fuzzy Topology. During the last five academic years, 2007-2012, staff of the Section published 105 research papers and published 3 books in Engineering Mathematics. The Section organized one Seminar and one Endowment lecture during the above period.