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Staff Id : 04132
Name : Dr. M. KESAVAN (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Date of Birth : 27-07-1974
Date of Joining : 29-03-2006
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173, K.R.M NAGAR
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Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - International
Kesavan Muthaiyan , 1 Chidambaram Lakshmanan,1 Kaiwalya Raj,2 Mangat Ram Sharma,2 Rajamani Narayanasamy , 2 Pandiyarajan Vellaichamy , 3 and Velraj Ramalingam, "Thermal Performance Study on a Sensible Cool Thermal Energy Storage System for Building Air-Conditioning Applications.", International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume Volume 2021, , Number Article ID 6690128, 10 pages, Jun 2021, pp. 1-10.
Kesavan.M, Rajamani,N. Pandiyarajan.V, Chidambaram.LA, Velraj,R., "Residential Air-conditioning system Integrated with Packed bed cool storage unit for promoting rooftop solar PV power generation..", International journal of Renewable energy Development (IJRED) , Volume 10(2), Number 2252-4940, Dec 2020, pp. 239-247.
M. Senthil Kumar .B.Lakshmipathy,N.Muthukumaranand and.M.Kesavan 4, "Analysis the Process Parameters of Fluidised Bed Gasification System Using Corn Stalks.", International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Volume Vol. 29, , (2020), ISSN 2005-4238 IJAST, Number No. 03, Mar 2020, pp. 6317-6323.
M.Kesavan and M.senthilkumar, ""Solar power Estimate Using Different Empirical Constant".", International Journal of Management, Technology And Engineering, Volume Volume IX, Issue I, , Number ISSN NO : 2249-7455, Jan 2019, pp. 614-624. DOI:16.10089.IJMTE.2019.V9I01.18.27472.
Kesavan.M, Chidambaram.LA, Velraj,R. , "Sustainable cooling technologies for building sector.", American institute of physics (AIP) Proceeding, Volume 2161.0220048, Number 1551-7616, Sep 2019, pp. 241-249.
M.kesavan,M.senthilkumar, "Effect of Average air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Global Radiation.", International journal of engineering trends and technology (IJETT) , Volume 67, Number 2231-5381, Mar 2019, pp. 51-56.
M.Kesavan, ""Performance Evaluation Of Evaporative Cooler Using Luffa Materials".", International Journal Of Engineering Research & Technology(IJERT), Volume Vol 7.ISSN 2278-0181, Number Issue 09, Sep 2018, pp. 193-196. 2018.
M.Kesavan, ""Solar Raduation Prediction Using MAT-LAB Curve Fitting Techniques".", International Journal Of Research and Analytical Reviews(IJRAR), Volume VOL.5 ISSN 2349-5138, Number Issue 04 , Oct 2018, pp. 181-189.
m.kesavan,r.ramkumar,a.ragupathi, "experimental evaluation of eveaporative cooler using agro materials.", international journals of air condition and refrigeration, Volume vol,23,no.4(2015)155028, Number 10.1142/s2010132515500285, Nov 2015, pp. 1-11. 20.nov.2015.
List of Conferences - National
M.Kesavan, Effect of Air Side Particle Fouling in domestic Air-conditioner Unit, LATEST ENHANCEMENTS IN AUTOMATION DESIGN ENERGY AND ROBOTICS, Mar 15-15, 2018, Arunal Engineering college.Thiruvannamalai, pp. 1-1. Thiruvannamalai, LEADER2018.
List of Conferences - International
M.kesavan, R.velraj, La.chidambaram., Sustainble Cooling Techonologies For Domestic Building Sector, Bioenergy, Environment & sustainable Technologies, Jan 28-30, 2019, Arunal Engineering college.Thiruvannamalai, pp. 1-155. Thiruvannamalai, BEST-2019 Department of Biotechnology.
M.Kesavan and M.senthilkumar, "Solar power Estimate Using Different Empirical Constant", International conference on Recent Developments in science and engineering, Jan 13-13, 2019, MUMBAI, INDIA, pp. 191-202. MUMBAI, Conferenceworld (SEMH-19).
M.KESAVAN, Dr.R.RAMKUMAR, clay pipe evaporative cooling system, RAAR 2016(international conference on "Recent advancement in air conditioning", Nov 10-12, 2016, C.V.RAMAN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ,BHUBANESWAR, pp. 1-2. BHUBANESWAR, RAAR 2016.
M.kesavan, R.ramkumar,CM.raguraman,,A,ragupathy , Enhancing the performance of photovoltaic module using clay pot evaporative cooling water, International conference on energy efficient technologies for sustainability -2016, Apr 7-8, 2016, tamilnadu, pp. 1-2. nagercoil, IEEE.
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"ASHRAE" American society of Heating,Referigetaing Airconditioning engineers" - 8285857