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Staff Id : 04335
Name : Dr. K. NIRANJAN (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : 1. Metal Matrix Composite 2. Materials Joining Process
Date of Birth : 02-01-1974
Date of Joining : 03-03-2003
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23,Pachaiyappas School street,
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Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
K.Niranjan, Dr.P.R.Lakshminarayanan, "Characterization of in-situ based composites of cast aluminium reinforced with TiB2.", Journal of Emerging Technology in Mechanical Science and Engineering, Volume 2, Number 0, Jul 2011, pp. 45-48. July-2011.
List of Publications - International
K.Niranjan, Dr.P.R.Lakshminarayanan, "Dry sliding wear behaviour of in-situ Al/TiB2 composites.", Materials and Design, Volume 47, Number 0, Jan 2013, pp. 167-173. December - 2012.
K.Niranjan, Dr.P.R.Lakshminarayanan, "Optimization of process parameters for in-situ casting of Al/TiB2 composites throgh response surface methodology.", Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Volume 23, Number 0, Feb 2013, pp. 1269-1274. February-2013.
List of Conferences - National
K.Niranjan, Dr.P.R.Lakshminarayanan, Microstructure and Mechanical properties of in-situ based composites of A-356 reinforced with TiB2, National conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (RAME-2011), Apr 1-2, 2011, Norul Islam University - Kumaracoil, pp. 45-48. Kumaracoil, Norul Islam University.
List of Conferences - International
K.Niranjan, Dr.P.R.Lakshminarayanan, Tribological Properties of aluminium based in-situ metal matrix composites reinforced with TiB2, International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM-2011) , Aug 19-20, 2011, BTL Institute of Technology - Bangalore, pp. 78-79. Bangalore, Dr.T.C.Manjunath & K.G.Basava kumar, BTL Institute of Technology.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Indian Welding Society (IWS) - L00128