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Staff Id : 04732
Qualification : B.E.,M.E., Ph.D.,
Specialization : Heat Transfer,Energy Engg., Power plant Engg.
Date of Birth : 07-05-1969
Date of Joining : 21-08-2000
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25/F3,First floor,Balaji appartment,
Vengan Street,
Annamalainagar-608 001.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 22
Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
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C.M.Raguraman, A. Ragupathy, L. Sivakumar, "Regression methodology for pH analysis of coal water slurry in agitated vessel used in coal gasification.", Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, Volume Vol. 20, Number 01, Sep 2013, pp. 346-352. 2013.
C.M.Raguraman, A. Ragupathy, L. Sivakumar, "Prediction of Heat transfer rate for Indian coal slurry based on regression analysis.", Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume Vol. 1, Number Issue (6), 2012, pp. 84-86. 2012.
R.RamKumar, C.M.Raguraman, A.Ragupathy, "Eco-Friendly cooling tower.", Journal of Environmental Research And Development, Volume Volume No.3, Number Issue No.2, 2008, pp. 515-522. 2008.
List of Publications - International
S.Sudhakar, C.M.Raguraman, "Experimental Analysis of an Regenerative Air Preheater In Boiler TPS- 1 Expansion.", International journal of scientific and technical research in engineering, Volume Volume 1 , Number Issue 3 , Jun 2016, pp. 17-22. 2016.
C.M.Raguraman, A. Ragupathy, L. Sivakumar, "Estimation on Overall Heat Transfer Co- efficient (OHTC) of coal water slurry based on Regression and Artificial neural Network.", International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization, Volume vol.33, Number 02, 2013, pp. 59-71. 2013/10.1080 / 19392699. 2012. 759945.
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C.M.Raguraman, A. Ragupathy, R. Ramkumar, L. Sivakumar, "AN EFFECT OF BLADE GEOMETRY ON HEAT TRANSFER PERFORMANCE IN STIRRED VESSEL – COAL WATER SLURRY SYSTEM USING COAL GASIFICATION.", International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Volume Vol. 2, Number 4, 2010, pp. 587-594. 2010.