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Staff Id : 05055
Name : Dr. M. THAMBIDURAI (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E(MECH).,M.E(ENERGY).,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Energy Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer and Automobile Engineering.
Date of Birth : 02-07-1978
Date of Joining : 08-11-2005
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Ph.D. 01

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List of Publications - International
ThambiduraiMuthuvelan, Karthikeyan. S, Krishna Mohan.N and Velraj, "Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Free Cooling using PCM Filled Air Heat Exchanger for Energy Efficiency in Building.", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, Volume 34, Number 3, 2016, pp. 106-113. 2016.
Thambidurai Muthuvelan, Karthikeyan.S, Krishna Mohan.N and Velraj, "Parameter optimization of free cooling using PCM filled air heat exchanger for energy efficiency in building.", Elixir International Journal, Volume 95, Number 3, 2016, pp. 40547-40552. 2016.
Thambidurai Muthuvelan, Karthik Panchabikesan, Rajagopal Munisamy, KrishnaMohan N and Velraj Ramalingam, "Experimental investigation of free cooling using phase change material-filled air heat exchanger for energy efficiency in buildings.", Advances In Building Energy Research, Volume 5, Number 1, 2016, pp. 1-11. 2016.
M. Thambidurai, N. Krishnamohan, M. Rajagopal and R. Velraj, "Free Cooling Feasibility Of A Typical Commercial Building In Pune City, India.", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 10, Number 2, 2015, pp. 4419-4435. 2015.
Muthuvelan Thambidurai, Karthik Panchabikesan, Krishna Mohan N and Velraj Ramalingam, "Review on phase change material based free cooling of buildingsââ,¬â€The way toward sustainability.", Journal of Energy Storage, Volume 4, Number 4, Sep 2015, pp. 74-88. 2015.
List of Conferences - National
M.THAMBIDURAI, V.MANIENIYAN, and R.SELVAKUMAR, Study on Energy Crisis and the Future of Fossil Fuels, Safety- Health-Environment & Energy, Dec 11-12, 2009, ANNAMALAI NAGAR, pp. 164-171. ANNAMALAI NAGAR, SHEE.
M.THAMBIDURAI, S.NATARAJAN, S.ARRIVUKKARASAN and S.SARAVANAN, Performance test on solar water heater with polycarbonate as top cover material, Safety- Health-Environment & Energy, Dec 11-12, 2009, ANNAMALAI NAGAR, pp. 172-178. ANNAMALAI NAGAR, SHEE.