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Staff Id : 08110
Name : Dr. K. SIVAKUMAR (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D
Specialization : BIOMASS,WIND ENERGY
Date of Birth : 25-07-1979
Date of Joining : 01-07-2002
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Dept. of Mechanical Engg,
Annamalai Nagar - 608002
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 21
Ph.D. 01

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Attended 223-12
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List of Publications - National
K.SIVAKUMAR,,N.KRISHNAMOHAN,B.SIVARAMAN, "Automation of 10 kW biomass gasifierand its effectiveness on coconut shell powder briquttes with binder cowdung.", Journal of Emerging Technology in Mechanical Science and Engineering, Volume 3, Number 2, Jun 2013, pp. 26-29. 2013.
K.SIVAKUMAR,N.KRISHNAMOHAN, "Performance analysis of downdraft gasifier for agriwaste biomass materials.", Indian journal of Science and Technology, Volume 3, Number 1, Jan 2010, pp. 58-60. 2010.
List of Publications - International
Mr.T.Sivakumar,Dr.K.Sivakumar, "Test Analysis and Mechanical Properties of Sisal and Glass Fiber Composites for Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Blades.", International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology (IJAIST), Volume Vol.6, Number 4, Apr 2017, pp. 10-18. 2017.
K.SIVAKUMAR,,N.KRISHNAMOHAN,B.SIVARAMAN, "performance Analysis on briquetting biomass with differentsize in 10 kW down draft gasifier.", Elsevier procedia engineering, Volume 38, Number 1, 2012, pp. 3824-3832. 2012.
K.SIVAKUMAR,,N.KRISHNAMOHAN,B.SIVARAMAN, "Automation of 10 kW biomass gasifierand its effectiveness on saw dust briquttes with binder cowdung.", International journal of Engineering and advanced Technology, Volume 1, Number 5, Jun 2012, pp. 107-110. 2012.
K.SIVAKUMAR,N.KRISHNAMOHAN, "EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS ON 10kW DOWNDRAFT GASIFIER USING RURAL BIOMASS MATERIALS.", International journal of applied engineering Research, Volume 6, Number 18, 2011, pp. 2133-2143. 2011.
K.SIVAKUMAR,B.SIVARAMAN,N.KRISHNAMOHAN, "Effectiveness of briquetting biomass materials with different ratios in 10kW down draft gasifier.", International journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Number 11, Nov 2011, pp. 7959-7966. 2011.
List of Conferences - International
K.SIVAKUMAR,,N.KRISHNAMOHAN,B.SIVARAMAN, Analysis of producer gas produced in an experimental downdraft gasifier using shell biomass materials, International conference on modelling optimization and computing, Apr 10-11, 2014, Dept of mechanical engineering, pp. 48-50. kumaracoil, Noorul islam university.