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Staff Id : 08111
Name : Dr. B.K. RAGUNATH (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Composite Material,Metal forming Technology
Date of Birth : 17-03-1976
Date of Joining : 01-07-2002
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Dept of Manufacturing Engg,
annamalai University,
Annamalai nagar,Chidambaram.
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Ph.D. 51

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List of Publications - National
L.John Baruch, R.Raju and B.K.Raghumath, "Processing of Aluminium & Magnesium composites - A Review.", Journal of Technological World, Volume 10, Number 7, Feb 2008, pp. 30-34. 2008.
List of Publications - International
B. K. Raghunath, G.Elango and K.Tamizhmaran, "Effect of Cryogenic treatment on microstructure and micro hardness of aluminium (LM25) - SiC metal matrix composite.", TJER, Volume 11, Number 1, Sep 2014, pp. 64-68. 2014.
M.Appoothiadigal,Sanket patro,B.K.Raghunath, "Dry sliding wear behaviour of Mg/Ti-based composite obtained through P/M route.", ELK asia Pacific Journals, Volume 1, Number 978-81-930411-4-7, Nov 2014, pp. 1-5. 2015.
Elango G,ERaghunath B K,Palanikumar P, "Experimental analysis of the wear behaviour of hybrid metal matrix composite of LM25 Al with equal volumes of SiC+TiO.", Materials and Technology, Volume 48, Number 6, May 2014, pp. 803-810. 2014.
L.Arunkumar, B. K. Raghunath , "Electro Discharge Machining Characteristics of Mg/SiC metal matrix composites by Powder Metallurgy Technique.", journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 5, Number 5, Jun 2013, pp. 4332-4338. 2013.
L.Arunkumar, B. K. Raghunath , "Optimization of Electro Discharge Machining Parametres on Mg/Sicp-Metal matrix composite by Respose surface Methodology.", Advances in Engineering Science and Technology, Volume 2, Number 3, Nov 2013, pp. 350-358. 2014.
G.Elango, B. K. Raghunath, "Tribological Behavior of hybrid (LM25Al + SiC + TiO2) Metal Matrix Composites”.", Procedia Engineering , Volume 64, Number 1, Aug 2013, pp. 671-680. 2014.
G.Elango,B. K. Raghunath, K.Palanikumar and K.Tamilmaran, "Sliding wear of LM25 Aluminium alloy with 7.5%Sic+2.5%TiO2 and 2.5%SiC+7.5%TiO2 hybrid Composite.", Composite Materials, Volume 5, Number 2, May 2013, pp. 1-10. 2013.
R. Ashok Gandhi, K. Palani Kumar, B.K. Ragunath, D. Kanagaraj, "Role of Nano Clay in Improving Wear Properties of Polypropylene in Dry Sliding Condition.", Asian Journal of Chemistry , Volume 25, Number 1, Aug 2013, pp. 139-142. 2013.
J. Jayakumar, B. K. Raghunath, T. H. Rao, "Investigation on Fracture Mechanisms in Mg alloy AZ31 Nano Composites Reinforced with Multi Wall Carbon Nano Tubes.", Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 2, Number 9, Sep 2013, pp. 4753-4758. 2013.
R. Ashok Gandhi , K. Palanikumar, B.K. Ragunath , J. Paulo Davim , "Role of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in improving wear properties of polypropylene (PP) in dry sliding condition.", Materials and Design. , Volume 48, Number 1, Mar 2013, pp. 52-57. 2013.
J. Jayakumar, B. K. Raghunath, T. H. Rao, "Fabrication and characterization of magnesium matrix nanocomposites reinforced with multiwall carbon nanotubes.", Polymer Composites, Volume 1, Number 1, Aug 2013, pp. 17-21. 2013.
. B.K. Raghunath, K. Raghukandan, R. Karthikeyan, K. Palanikumar,∗, U.T.S. Pillai, R. Ashok Gandhi, "Flow stress modeling of AZ91 magnesium alloys at elevated temperature.", Alloys and Compounds , Volume 509, Number 15, Mar 2011, pp. 4992-4998. 2011.
B.K.Raghunath, K.Raghukandan, R.Karthikeyan, J.Jayakumar, "Study on hot working charecteristics and Deformation response of AZ 91 Mg alloys.", Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. , Volume 1, Number 2, Aug 2011, pp. 112-122. 2011.
S. Anbu selvan, S. Ramanathan, R. Karthikeyan, B. K. Raghunath, "Development of processing Maps for as-cast ZE41A Magnesium alloy.", Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China -, Volume 20, Number 1, May 2010, pp. 22-27. 2010.
B. K. Raghunath, R. Karthikeyan, G. Ganesan, M. Gupta, "An investigation of hot deformation response of particulate-reinforced magnesium + 9% titanium composite.", : Materials & Design - MATER DESIGN , Volume 29, Number 3, Jul 2008, pp. 622-627. 2008.
B.K. Raghunath, R. Karthikeyan, M. Gupta, "An Investigation of Hot Deformation Response of Particulate-Reinforced Magnesium + 4.5% Titanium Composite.", Materials Research, Volume 9, Number 2, Apr 2006, pp. 217-222. 2006.
List of Conferences - International
R. Ashok Gandhi , B.K. Ragunath, K. Palanikumar , Studies on wear Characteristics of Polypropylene with modified Nano clay nanocomposites, Advances in tribology, Feb 21-24, 2014, NIT-calicut, pp. 203-206. calicut, NIT.
Elango G,ERaghunath B K, Tribological properties of aluminium based TiO pvd coated alloy material, Advances in Mechanical and energy engineering, Apr 15-16, 2013, chennai, pp. 78-82. Chennai, MGR university.
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