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Staff Id : 08281
Name : Dr. P. VALSAMY
Department : MATHEMATICS
Qualification : M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B.Ed.,
Specialization : Fluid Dynamics
Date of Birth : 15-05-1964
Date of Joining : 26-09-2002
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73, Rettai Pillaiyar Koil Street,
Mel Bhuvanagiri & Post,
Chidambaram T.K., Cuddalore Dist.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. --
Ph.D. 01

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List of Publications - National
P.Valsamy and Nirmala p.Ratchagar, "Transport of pollutants through porous media.", Journal of Indian Academy Mathematics, Volume 32, Number 1, 2010, pp. 83-88. 2010.
List of Publications - International
P. Valsamy, S. jana Reddy, D. Srinivas Reddy, "Numerical solutions of Casson Nano fluids flow past a isothermal permeable Stretching sheet MHD , thermal radiation and transpiration effects..", ASP, Volume Vol : 12, Number Issue II, Jun 2023, pp. 1503-1511. JON 2023.2034.
P. Valsamy, D Sheela , Nirmala Ratchagar, "Effect on viscous dissipation free convection radiation and mass transfer of three dimensional Casson fluid embedded in an inclined stretching sheet with hall currents.", IJMASRI, Volume Vol : 2, Number Issue : 3, Mar 2022, pp. 452-463. IJMASRI.
P Valsamy, G Arunagiri, "Effect of hall current on MHD of a Casson fluid in a vertical porous plate with thermal radiation.", International Journal of Research in Advanced Engineering and Technology, Volume Vol : 8 , Number Issue : 2, Jul 2022, pp. 6-12. 2455-0876.
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P. Valsamy, S. jana Reddy, D. Srinivas Reddy, "Carreau fluids behaviour on chemically reacting fluids flow towards a stretching sheet with magnetic field and Newtonian heating effects .", NeuroQuantology, Volume Volume 20, Number Issue 15, Nov 2022, pp. 5526-5540. 1303-5150.
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B.Chiranjeevi,P.Valsamy and G.Vidyasagar , "Effects of Viscous and Joule Dissipation on MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Casson Fluid over an Exponentially Streching Sheet with Thermal radiation and Heat source/sink in the Presence of Suction/Blowing .", Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Volume 12, Number 5, 2020, pp. 2302-2312. 2020.
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