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Staff Id : 09745
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D
Specialization : Composite Materials,Metal Forming Technology,Machine Tool Drives and Control,Automates and Transfer Machine,Engineering Mechanics,Production Technology
Date of Birth : 10-07-1975
Date of Joining : 12-03-2004
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No: 2, Muthu Flats,
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Ph.D. 20

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Completed -11,00,000
Ongoing 1-29,00,000
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List of Publications - National
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Hot Workability Characteristics of 7075 Al/10% SiCp Composites.", Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, Volume 6 , Number 3, Sep 2011, pp. 177-184. 2011.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Hot deformation and processing maps of a Particulate reinforced 7075Al/15%SiCp metal matrix composite.", Journal of Manufacturing Engineers, Volume 6 , Number 1, Mar 2011, pp. 48-54. 2011.
List of Publications - International
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S, , "Hot Deformation mechanisms in 7075 Al/10% SiCp metal matrix composites.", Advances in network, Volume 1, Number 3, Nov 2013, pp. 34-39. 2013.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Effect of silicon carbide volume fraction on the hot workability of 7075 Aluminium based metal-matrix composites.", International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology , Volume 67, Number 5, Jul 2013, pp. 1711-1720. 2013.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Hot working behavior of 7075Al/15% SiCp Composites.", Journal of Materials and Manufacturing process, Volume 27, Number 3, Mar 2012, pp. 260-266. 2012.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S, "Development of processing map for 7075 Al/20% SiCp composite.", Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Volume 21, Number 2, Feb 2012, pp. 191-196. 2012.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Deformation stability of Al 7075/20%SiCp (63µm) composites during hot compression.", Geomaterials, 2012, 2, 121-127, Volume 2, Number 4, Oct 2012, pp. 121-127. 2012.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S, "Hot deformation mechanisms in 7075 aluminium alloy.", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 509, Number 3, Jan 2011, pp. 948-952. 2011.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S, "Processing map for hot working of 7075 Al/20%SiC(5µm)Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites.", CiiT International Journal of Artificial Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning, Volume 3, Number 8, Aug 2011, pp. 573-578. 2011.
Krishna Mohan.S Rajamuthamilselvan.M, Ramanathan.S and VijayaPriya.S , "Characterization of Aluminium Alloy 7075 Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Particulates.", CiiT International Journal of Artificial Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning, Volume 3 , Number 8, Aug 2011, pp. 551-557. 2011.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , "Evaluation of Optimum Deformation Processing conditions for 7075Al/15%SiCp (63μm) Composites using Materials Modeling .", International Journal of advanced Engineering Applications, Volume 1, Number 5, Feb 2011, pp. 15-24. 2011.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M, Ramanathan.S and Karthikeyan.R, "Processing map for hot working of SiCp/7075 Al composites.", Transaction of Nonferrous Metals Sociaty of China, Volume 2010,Vol. 20, pp 668-674, Number 4, Apr 2010, pp. 668-674. 2010.
List of Conferences - National
Ramanathan.S, Ossama Mohamed Erfan, Karthikeyan.B, Rajamuthamil Selven.M and Karthikeyan.R , Mechanical behaviour of 2124 Al/SiCp composites During hot extrusion, IPROMS (Innovative Production machines and system) Conference, Jul 17-18, 2009, Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University , pp. 6-17. Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University, IPROMS.
Jebaraj.A, Rajamuthamilselvan.M and P.R.Lakshinarayanan.P.R , Study of TIG welding of LM25 Al/SiCp metal matrix composites, National conference on Strategies for world class manufacturing,PINNACLE2005, Sep 28-30, 2005, Kerala, pp. 267-277. Kerala, PINNACLE 2005.
List of Conferences - International
Rajamuthamilselvan.M and Ramanathan.S , Processing Map for Hot Working of 7075Al/20%SiC (5 μm) Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites, International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology, (ICAET-2011), May 27-28, 2011, EGS Pillay engineering college Nagappatinam, pp. 573-578. Nagappatinam, Tamilnadu, ICAET EGS Pillay Engineering college.
Krishna Mohan.S, Rajamuthamilselvan.M, Ramanathan.S and Vijaya Priya.S , Characterization of Aluminium Alloy 7075 Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Particulates, International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology, (ICAET-2011), May 27-28, 2011, EGS Pillay engineering college Nagappatinam, pp. 551-557. Nagappatinam, Tamilnadu, ICAET EGS Pillay Engineering college.
Rajamuthamilselvan.M, Ramanathan.S,Karthikeyan.R and Ganesan.G , Development of processing maps for Aluminium/SiCp composites, First International and 22nd All IndiaManufacturing Technology Design and research conference (22nd AIMTDR), Dec 21-23, 2006, IIT Roorkee, pp. 83-88. Roorkee, 22nd AIMTDR.