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Staff Id : 09751
Name : Dr. K. SYED JAFAR (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Thermal Engg.
Date of Birth : 12-04-1978
Date of Joining : 16-03-2004
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No:15, Periyavanniya Steet,
Chidambaram-608 001
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List of Publications - International
Mohammed El Hadi Attia1 ,· Muthu Manokar Athikesavan2 ,· Murugan Kaliyamoorthy3 ,· Guruprasad Balachandran4 ,· Syed Jafar Kutbudeen5 ,· Ravishankar Sathyamurthy6, "Performance improvements of hemispherical solar still using internal aluminum foil sheet as reflector: energy and exergy analysis.", Environmental Science and Pollution Research,Springer Nature, Volume 11356, Number 17973, Jan 2022, pp. 1-10.
K. Syed Jafar, R. Venkatesaperumal, N. Beemkumar, M. Santhoshkumar & T. V. Rajamurugan, "Performance analysis of a solar parabolic trough collector fitted with a helical coiled tube absorber.", International Journal of Ambient Energy, Volume 45, Number 1, Nov 2022, pp. 1-8. 10.1080/01430750.2022.2128415.
Syed Jafer Kutbudeen , Kamaraj Logesh , Arulprakasajothi Mahalingam & I Vinoth kanna, "Performance enhancement of solar collector using strip inserts and with water based Al2O3/DI water nanofluids.", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC , Volume 00, Number 00, Feb 2021, pp. 1-12. /
S.Ashfaque Ahmed , I Rahamathullah , K. Vijayaraj & Syed Jafer K, "Evaluation of animal fat based biodiesel blends and effects of exhaust gas recirculation on the suitable blend in single cylinder four stroke diesel engine.", ENERGY SOURCES, PART A: RECOVERY, UTILIZATION, AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS Taylor & Francis Group, LLC , Volume 0, Number 0, Jan 2021, pp. 1-21. /10.1080/15567036.2020.1862368.
K. Syed Jafara, M. Arulprakasajothib, N. Beemkumar c, and K. Elangovand, "Effect of conical strip inserts in a parabolic trough solar collector under turbulent flow.", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, Volume 1556-7230, Number ISSN: 1556-7036, Aug 2019, pp. 1-13. 10.1080/15567036.2019.1650850.
S. Ashfaque Ahmeda,b, I. Rahamathullaha, and K. Syed Jaferc, "Investigation of petro-diesel, waste animal fat biodiesel with waste cooked oil biodiesel different blends in single cylinder four-stroke water-cooled CI engine.", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, Volume 1556-7230, Number ISSN: 1556-7036, Aug 2019, pp. 1-16. 10.1080/15567036.2019.1655113.
T. V. Rajamurugan∗, A. Velmurugan, K. Syedjafar, and N. Muthukumaran, "Sensitivity Analysis of Delamination Factor in Drilling GFR Polyester Composites Using Brad and Spur Drill.", Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research, Volume 13, , Number 2156-7573/2018/13/001/009, Feb 2018, pp. 1-9. doi:10.1166/jamr.2018.1384.
K. SYED JAFAR*, B. SIVARAMAN, "PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF PARABOLIC SOLAR COLLECTOR WATER HEATER SYSTEM FITTED WITH NAIL TWISTED TAPES ABSORBER.", Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Volume 12, Number 608 - 621, Mar 2017, pp. 608-621. ISSN: 1823-4690.
K. Syed Jafar*1 and B. Sivaraman*, "OPTIMIZATION OF PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS IN THE ABSORBER WITH TWISTED TAPES INSERTS OF PARABOLIC TROUGH COLLECTOR USING RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY.", ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , Volume 10, Number . 8,, May 2015, pp. 3457-3464. ISSN 1819-6608 .
K. Syed Jafar*1 and B. Sivaraman*, "Thermal Performance of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector Using Nanofluids and the Absorber with Nail Twisted Tapes Inserts.", International Energy Journal, Volume Volume 14, Number Issue 4, Dec 2014, pp. 189-198. December 2014.