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Department of English

           The Annamalai University has the largest English department in Tamil Nadu, in terms of staff size, student strength, paper options and library facilities. One of the oldest departments of study, the department, since its inception in 1929, has devoted to the study and research in English Language and Literature.

            The department has had the good fortune of being visited by renowned international dignitaries since its inception. Some of the faculty members have also gone abroad either for higher studies or to undergo short term training programs and thus have had the benefit of eminent scholars directing its activities.


The staff of the department is conversant with both traditional and contemporary knowledge and strongly talented for its systematic dissemination.  At present, the department, headed by Dr. K. Rajaraman, has two Professors, four Associate Professors, and 21 Assistant Professors.

Students Strength and Teacher-Student Ratio
            The current student strength of the department is 775 and the student-teacher ratio is 14:1. The success rate of the students is 80%.

Curriculum Development and Curriculum Transaction
            Changes have been made in the curriculum of the MA English program from time to time, reallocating priorities, based on UGC guidelines, and policies of HRD and TANSCHE, plus information databases from other universities. Suggestions made by alumni and scholars during their participation in academic meetings are also taken into account.
The curriculum includes courses on

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Commonwealth Literature
  • English Language Teaching
  • Comparative Literature
  • Translation Studies
  • Spoken English
  • Journalism
  • Literacy Criticism & Theory

 Thus, the department is all set to synthesize tradition with contemporaneity.


            The department has the facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and an excellent faculty to inspire prospective scholars to pursue research in a variety of components of English Language and Literary Studies on areas as varied as British Literature.The department has so far produced      176 Ph.Ds  and  449 M.Phils.

Highlights of the Programmes

  • State of the art training in communication skills
  • Updated curriculum to enable students to face competitive examinations such as UGC-JRF-NET/ SET/ TNPSC/UPSC
  • In-plant training in mass media organizations
  • Excellent job opportunity

Thrust areas of research

  • Twentieth Century British Literature
  • American Literature
  • Indian, Australian, and Canadian Literatures
  • English Language Teaching
  • Diasporic and Subaltern Studies
  • African American and Carribean Literatures
  • Marginal Literature

Other Salient Features

  • Extra coaching during after class hours to academically backward students
  • Training students in soft skills to prepare them for the job market through class room lectures and invited lectures
  • Counseling to students with problems of special nature
  • Teaching of  communication skills to the students of all faculties under the Development Skills Program
  • Encouraging students to participate in National and International Conferences  to enrich their knowledge in current trends in language pedagogy
  • Preparation of question bank and guidance for competitive examinations
  • A student friendly ambience wherein interaction with faculty is encouraged
  • Endowment and invited lectures by experts
  • Weekly literary meetings for students
  • Research forum for researchers to share their research experience
  • Faculty forum wherein the faculty deliver lectures to their peers and researchers

            Overall, the strength of the English department includes the accessibility and dedication of the faculty and their expertise, the interactions students have in their English classes with other students and faculty, the friendly English office staff, and the need-based studies of importance to meet societal needs.


Programmes Offered
  • M. A. English (Two year PG program)
  • M. A. English  (Five Year PG Program)
  • M. Phil.
  • Ph. D. (Full-time, Part-time, & External)

Dr. K. Rajaraman
Professor and Head
Department of English
Annamalai University
Email: departmentofenglishau@yahoo.com

Mobile # 9443433959