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(A UGC-SAP Supported Department)

       The Department of Economics was established in 1929 and through the years it has become a leading centre of economics education in Tamil Nadu. The faculties are dedicated teachers keen to mentor students throughout the period of study. Through conference and weekly meetings of the Economic Association students are kept abreast with current developments. The Department has been granted Rs.40 lakhs under UGC Special Assistance Programmes.

Highlights of the Programmes
  • Up-to-date Syllabus
  • Students are equipped to face competitive examinations
  • Students trained to carry out individual projects under supervision of faculty
  • Field Visits
  • Student imparted relevant software skills
  • Students imparted training in soft-skills
Research Thrust Areas
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Gender Studies
  • Industrial Economics
  • Fiscal Economics
  • Poverty Studies
  • Labour Economics
Resource Generated and Research Output (in the last 5 years)
  • Funds Generated more than One crore
  • Number of Papers Published 127
  • Books Published 11
  • Prepared the Human Development Reports for Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and Thanjavur districts.
Job Opportunities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Economics careers in banking
  • Economics careers in business and financial consultancy
  • Economics careers in the public sector


Programmes Offered
  • M.A. Economics (Five Year Integrated)
  • M.A. Economics (Two Year CBCS)
  • M.A. Applied Economics (Two Year CBCS) (Equivalent to M.A.Economics as per State Govt. Order)
  • M.A. Development Studies (Two Year CBCS)
  • M.Phil. Economics
  • Ph.D. Economics
The Professor and Head
Department of Economics
Annamalai University
Annamalainagar-608 002
Tel : 04144-238027-Ext. 308
e-mail : departmentofeconomics2014@gmail.com