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  • The division of Entomology was commissioned as Department in the year 1984.
  • FIST and Non SAP sponsored Department
  • MOA is maintained with Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums, Ranchi (ICAR)
  • Collaborations with DRR – AICRIP Entomology, NLC - Coal Indi Project, VCRC – Fly Ash Project & NBAIR and many private agencies.

Highlights of the Programmes

       Entomology Society for Innovations Research society is functioning to improve the relation between students and teachers. Its Main aim is to improve the communications skills and create confidence among the students for better career. In this regard specialists from the various fields of subjects and industry are called to motivate students to enlighten them about employment opportunities. Competitions and Quiz programme are conducted to improve the extracurricular activities of students. Extension activities like farmers meetings are conducted in the Villages. Exhibitions and Scientist

Programmes Offered

  • M.Sc. (Ag.) Entomology
  • Ph.D. Entomology

The Professor and Head
Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture
Annamalai University
Annamalainagar-608 002
E-mail : entomologyau@gmail.com