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Engineering English

Vision And Mission

The English section ceaselessly chisels the students to become prepared for placements, having focused on Group Discussion, Mock Interview, Aptitude and Verbal Ability. The Section, in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering and Technology is ultimately dedicated to the promotion of knowledgeable, perspective humane citizens committed to assuming productive roles in a challenging and ever changing global society.

The English Section fosters to develop the communicative skills of the Engineering and Technology students and offer training in soft skills. In order to enrich the learning dexterity of the students, the English Section takes strenuous efforts to prepare the students for competitive exams.

Long Term Goals
• To gain overall development in academic and teaching domains.
• To help students for their academic excellence to reach global standards.
• To create an environment that supports outstanding research

Short Term Goals
• To provide the best soft skills required for strengthening the backbone of the Engineering Departments.
• To offer facilities for the faculty to do their research.
• To provide opportunities for faculty to gain knowledge in teaching methodologies.
• To provide opportunities for faculty to participate in various seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes.
• To conduct National Conferences and Workshops for the benefit of students and faculty.


The English section of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology was started in the year 1945 and offers a course on the English language to the students in the first year of the different branches of study including Pharmacy students at UG level.

The main objective is to develop the basic reading and writing skills of the Engineering and Technology students and enable them to develop their communicative skills.
The English course includes the following topics:
(i) Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills
(ii) Sharing Information related to oneself, family and friends.
(iii) General Reading and Free Writing
(iv) Grammar and Language Development
(v) Extended Writing

The English Section includes the Language Lab with adequate software, to mould the students in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills. The contents of the communication Skills and Language Lab are as follows:
(i) Listening Comprehension
(ii) Reading Comprehension
(iii) Fundamental Language Skills
(iv) Vocabulary
(v) Phonetics

The Communication Skills and the Language Lab attempts to impart Language through Computer gadgets:
(i) Training through LSRW technique
(ii) Speak out practices to train students to speak flawlessly
(iii) Role play technique for both speaking and listening practice
(iv) Word mentor to increase the student vocabulary.
(v) Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension to improve their innovative skills. At present four teaching faculty comprising of one Associate Professor and three Assistant Professors provide appropriate environment to hone the skills of students in the academic activities.

The staff members are actively involved in Research, the major thrust areas being American Literature, Indian writing in English, British Literature, Translation Studies and ELT. The faculty members have published many research papers in reputed international and national journals and guided more than fifty Ph.D research scholars.