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Marine Biology

Our VC visit for ENVIS Skilled development Program                                                    Prof. RV.Seshaiya First Director 1963-70

Visit Museum                                                                                                       Interaction with our Students

Releasing the Shrimp Seeds                                                                                                       World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day Human Chain                                                                                                       Yoga - Meeting

Fire - II 29.03.2019                                                                                                       First aid - Fire service - Demo 29.03.2019

School children visit 06.02.19                                                                                                       School Children - Visit

Science Day - Students                                                                                                       Science day - School Buses - 22.02.2019

VC. Visit                                                                                                       VC. Visit 24.06.2019

German Scientist - Visit 10.09.2018                                                                Forigen Scientist with our Students 05.11.2018

Students - Kayaking                                                                                             Shirmp Culture

Survey - Practical 10.10.2018                                                                                             Pond Preperation

Medical Students Visit 20.09.2018                                                                                             Gift of model museum to the schools

NASA Scientist - Almuns Visit -27.11.2018                                                                                             District collector visit 05.07.2019

World Fisheries day Nov. 21, 2019                                                                                             International Seminar - 16.03.2018

Health Awarness Programme 19.11.2018                                                                                             Fisheris Forum 26.11.2018

Seed ball - ENVIS                                                                                             Model Musem

Successful harvest -newspaper 18.01.19                                                                                             Leader ship Academication Programme (MHRD )

Visitors log                                                                                             Visitors log book1

Nature Paper Publication by Dr.B.Deivasigamani                                                        Nature Paper Publication by Dr.B.Deivasigamani