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Vice-Chancellor’s appeal to alumni

       I am proud of having assumed office as the Vice-Chancellor of the renowned Annamalai University. Prior to my joining the university, I held various positions at Anna University for over thirty-five years, and contributed immensely to teaching, research, and extension. Also I served as Registrar and Director for the B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University for five years.

       As the Vice-Chancellor, I shoulder huge responsibilities to develop the university in all dimensions. With my vast academic, research, and administrative experience, expertise, and international exposure for more than four decades, I am confident that I could introduce radical changes in the teaching-learning process, consultancy, and employability of the graduating students of the university.  I just remember the words of the Old Man in the American novelist Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, “One aim, one business and one desire,” when I reflect on my sole aim to brand Annamalai University as Top Class University in the country, and also bring back the glory of the university with the unstinted support of faculty, researchers, and students, and above all the great alumni, who play a very great role in achieving the all round development of the university.

       I sincerely believe that with the thought provoking and invaluable input of the alumni, I would like to draft 1. Action Plan for Three Years, 2. Strategic Plan for Five Years, and 3. Vision Document for Ten Years, for the benefit of students in particular and society at large.

       I am confident that your input will be of immense value in this regard to bring out a valuable document. My primary objectives in the immediate action plan are:

  • Bring back the old glory of the university
  • Effective teaching-learning through student-centric rather than teacher-centric
  • Skill enhancement and soft skill development for placement of students
  • Brand building for the university by setting up,
  • Technology/Research Park
  • State of the art instrumentation centre for the benefit of students, faculty, alumni, researchers and industrialists
  • A spacious well furnished Guest House with all facilities for the exclusive use of alumni
  • Creation of Professorial Chairs in the departments and appoint chair Professors from eminent alumni/engineers/scientists/other experts of international repute for a period of six months to one year
  • Award of scholarships to economically weaker students
  • Merit Scholarships to students
  • Making available of e-books/e-journals
  • Closer and periodical interaction of students, faculty and alumni

I solicit your guidance, support and generous contribution to achieve these goals and to realize my dreams for the University.

Looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

With warm regards,

Prof. V. Murugesan