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Staff Id : 09750
Name : Dr. S. SUBHAGAR (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E., Ph.D.
Specialization : Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and Fermentation Technology
Date of Birth : 26-10-1979
Date of Joining : 10-03-2004
Present Address Contact Number E-Mail Address
No:5,'Arcadia' Tabacco Garden,
Annamalai Nagar,
chidambaram-608 002.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 4-
Ph.D. 02

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Attended 20153-2
Conducted ----1

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Completed 111213100
Ongoing 1-2050000
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List of Publications - National
T. Uma Maheswari*, M. Karuppaiya, S. Subhagar, R. Rahul, "Potent inhibitory action of Banana wine polyphenols on colon cancer cells (HCT -15).", Research J. Pharm. and Tech., Volume 13(11), Number 0974-3618, 2020, pp. 5387-5390. 2020.
T Uma Maheswari*1 , M Karuppaiya3 , S Subhagar3 , R Rahul3 and P Sivasakthivelan2, "Anti-cancer Activity of Red Banana Wine Against Colon Cancer Cells (HCT -15).", Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Volume 11(2), Number 0976-1675, 2020, pp. 420-423. 2020/ 5930-2402-080.
Seenivasan A, Subhagar S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Microbial production and biomedical applications of lovastatin.", Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 70(6), Number 6, Sep 2008, pp. 701-709. 2008.
Seenivasan A, Subhagar S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Lovastatin, a potent drug to reduce hypercholesterol.", Chemical Weekly , Volume 20, Number 1, May 2008, pp. 193-194. 2008.
Seenivasan A, Subhagar S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Ease Coronary Heart Treatment.", Pharma BioWorld , Volume 7, Number 12, Jun 2008, pp. 42-44. 2008.
List of Publications - International
Mahin Basha Syed, Subhagar S, Aravindan R Viruthagiri T, "Optimization of compactin production by Plackett-Burman method using Penicillium citrinum.", International Journal of Chemtech Research , Volume 5, Number 5, Mar 2013, pp. 1393-1400. 2013.
Mahin Basha Syed, Subhagar S, Aravindan R Viruthagiri T, "Microbial production and purification of compactin.", International Journal of Current Chemical Sciences , Volume 1, Number 2, Aug 2013, pp. 5-10. 2013.
Mahin Basha Syed, Subhagar S, Aravindan R Viruthagiri T, "Valorization of agricultural residues for compactin production by Aspergillus terreus MTCC 279 in mixed substrate solid state fermentation.", Waste and Biomass Valorization, Volume 5, Number 4, Nov 2013, pp. 715-724. 2013.
Subhagar.S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Statistical optimization of anticholesterolemic drug lovastatin production by the red mold Monascus purpureus.", Food and Bioproducts Processing, Volume 88, Number 2-3, Jan 2010, pp. 266-276. 2010.
Subhagar.S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Response surface optimization of mixed substrate solid state fermentation for the production of lovastatin by Monascus purpureus.", Engineering Life Science,, Volume 9, Number 4, Mar 2009, pp. 303-310. 2009.
Subhagar.S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, "Biosynthesis of statins and its potential applications.", Asian Journal of Microbiology Biotechnology & Environmental science , Volume 10, Number 3, Sep 2008, pp. 645-647. 2008.
List of Conferences - National
Subhagar Seraman, Aravindan Rajendran, Viruthagiri Thangavelu, Biosynthesis of Cholesterol Lowering Drug Lovastatin from Monascus purpureus, 2nd National Conference on Transfigures in Bioscience and Technology, Sep 25-26, 2012, Madha Engineering College, Chennai, pp. 108-116. Chennai, Anuradha Publishing Company.
Subhagar Seraman, Aravindan Rajendran, Viruthagiri Thangavelu, Enhanced Production of Lovastatin by Monascus purpureus MTCC 369, CHEMCON , Dec 27-30, 2008, Panjab University, Chandigarh, pp. 45-45. Panjab University, Chandigarh, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
List of Conferences - International
Subhagar.S, Aravindan R, Viruthagiri T, Optimization studies on the Biosynthesis of potent cholesterol lowering drug Lovastatin from Monascus purpureus , 5th International Meeting on “BioProcess Technology – Asia”, Nov 24-26, 2008, Biopolis, Singapore , pp. 5-5. Biopolis, Singapore , Wilbio.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Global Science and Technology Federation (GSTF) - Life Member
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) - Life Associate Member