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Staff Id : 13959
Name : Dr. V. SELVI (Deputed)
Qualification : B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D.
Specialization : Environmental Engineering, Downstream Processing & Bio-polymer Engineering
Date of Birth : 02-07-1981
Date of Joining : 08-10-2007
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Plot No – 19, Murali’s Park Avenue,
Chidambaram - 608002
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Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - International
V.Selvi , M.Sathiyamoorthy and Dr.C.Karthikeyan, "Nitrification of fish processing waste water using mixed cultures of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobactor for ammonia degradation (Phase-I).", Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, GJSFR , Volume Volume 14, Number Issue 1, Feb 2014, pp. 33-46. 2014.
Selvi Velu and Vijayagopal Velayutham, "Comparative Study of Xanthan Gum production using Syntheic substrate by Xanthomonas campestris and Local Isolated Strain.", International Journal of ChemTech Research, Volume Volume 6, Number Issue 4, Aug 2014, pp. 2475-2483. 2014.
M.Sathiyamoorthy, V.Selvi, Derese Mekonnen, Shewarega Habtamu, "Preparation of Eco-Friendly Leather by Process Modifications to Make Pollution Free Tanneries.", Journal of Engineering, Computers & Applied Sciences (JEC&AS), Volume Volume 2, Number Issue 5, May 2013, pp. 17-22. 2013.
M. Sathiyamoorthy* V.Selvi** Rubi Gupta***, "The Prediction of Thermo Physical Properties of Different Acetophenone Liquid Mixtures Using Artificial Neural Network.", International Journal of Advanced Research in IT and Engineering, Volume Volume 2, Number Issue 5, May 2013, pp. 11-33. 2013.
List of Conferences - National
V.Selvi and V.Vijayagopal, Comparative Study of Xanthan Gum production using Sugarcane Molasses by Xanthomonas campestris and Local Isolated Strain, National Conference and Expo on “Energy and Environment”, Sep 20-21, 2013, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, pp. 11-12. Coimbatore, Bonfring.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers - LM-39142