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    CENTRE FOR Research & Development

Annamalai University (AU) with its vibrant research focus and technical expertise has attracted funds from a wide spectrum of national and international agencies. Regulations have been framed to systematize procedures to facilitate research and development (R & D) activities that would help generate resources, establish national and international collaborations, foster academy-industry interaction, address issues of social and national relevance, spawn inventions, extend service to social organizations, lead to value addition for faculty and students in the academic world, and most importantly, provide visibility for the University in academic and R & D activities.


The Ph.D. programme aims at training professionals and teachers in the skills and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of their study. Annamalai University awards Ph.D. degree to a candidate who, in accordance with the following regulations, has undergone a course work, has submitted a thesis based on original independent research work done by him/her in any discipline or more than one discipline, has had the thesis adjudicated and approved by a panel of suitably constituted examiners, and has defended the thesis in the presence of experts and the public.



The objectives of Cente for Research & Development are to

  • Encourage faculty members to undertake projects that serve to advance knowledge, address societal needs, integrate applied knowledge for teaching, generate data for research, and stimulate innovation.
  • Affirm policies for sponsored research and consultancies.
  • Address potential conflicts of commitment between primary academic duties of the faculty and consultancy activities.
  • Safeguard the intellectual property of AU and its faculty.
  • Inculcate Good Research Practices (GRP) based on scientific integrity andresearch ethics.

The various formats to be used for Projects and PhD are given in the following links.




The Director, Centre for Research & Development



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