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26.03.2024 at 5.00 PM

Tender for purchase of Lab Equipments (Gel Documentation with CCD camera, Fuming cupboard, Vacuum Evaporator, Random access biochemistry Auto Analyser, Portable Bio Gas Analyser, Phytoplankton Net 64m Nitex mesh, Para monitor, sensor system with underwater camera and accessories, Blood cell counter, Water circulation systems with accessories, Labomed Trinocular Zoom stereo microscope, Lithium Battery 150AH, Solar PV panels 540 W, IGBT inverter, Storage Batteries, Heavy Duty, Storage Batteries Normal Duty, Desktop computer, Autoclave, Centrifuge, Incinerator, Arduino-ESP32sensors IoT trainer, Jumper cables (3sets), Desktop computer, Online UPS 5KVA Sensor module, Solid test sensor cum data logger NPK, pH, EC Temperature and Moisture sensor with Data logger, Methane Analyzer , CO2 Analyzer, SLR Camera (DSLR D3300), Video Camera, Audio video work station, Audio recording mixing console)


Annamalai University