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From the Desk of the Vice-Chancellor

       Established in 1929, with the munificence of the farsighted and noble-hearted philanthropist and patron of letters, Hon’ble Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar of Chettinad, Annamalai University has been highly acclaimed across the world for distinctive contribution to teaching, research and extension activities. The University has a vast expanse of over 900 acres of land, with a rich array of gigantic structures, broad and paved concrete roads connecting all the forty-nine Departments of ten Faculties, libraries, and administrative offices; blooming gardens with tall-grown shady trees; playgrounds with all facilities; and best-in-class facilities, including smart high-tech class rooms and state-of-the-art scientific and technological equipment to support its current and future academic and research pursuits.  The university provides the best and pleasant learning environment to the learners, particularly to those belonging to the socially and educationally backward sections of our country. Annamalai University’s community is truly international.  Students currently come not only from Tamil Nadu, and other States of India, but also from other Asian, European and African countries. The best ambassadors of our university are our students who held, hold, and will hold covetous positions in a variety of professions all over the world. 

       I am very proud of our alumni who are spread across the globe and occupy pivotal positions in their area of specialization. It is heartening to mention that our alumni have been keeping their alma mater close to their heart, and to extend all support for further progress of the University. Indeed, it is a very unique and generous gesture of our alumni to extend their continuous support.

      As an academician, I believe that knowledge and its application constitute the very foundation of a university. The university should impart not just the existing knowledge, but also new knowledge gained through research. It is high time that research should be integrated into the curriculum. It is proposed to embark need based research, resource based research and translational research in the university. In the twenty-first century, besides these goals, the university has to commit itself to generating economic development in the pursuance of socio-economic goals. Though it is imperative for the university to produce employment-ready graduates by imparting domain knowledge and different skill sets, it is indispensable for the university to focus on entrepreneurship development among students, which will definitely result in employment generation, poverty alleviation, and consequently the economic development. In this direction, Annamalai University has set its goals that the graduating students should become employers rather than employees. The faculty and students have been geared up to achieve this objective.

      I earnestly appeal to the faculty, researchers and students to work together in unison in fostering a healthy, peaceful and conducive learning environment in the university campus and contribute actively towards the development of the university with all their intellectual resources, profound experiences and valuable suggestions.

      Best wishes and warm greetings.