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Civil & Structural Engineering


To impart high quality education and technical expertise to the students and inculcate in them humanistic attitude, scientific temper, sense of commitment to the profession and spirit of participation in nation building.


    • Provide quality education and knowledge base to the students in structural engineering.
    • Prepare the students as nationally competitive and trend setters for the future generation in the realm of technical education.


    • Assimilate the available theories, explore new frontiers, to propound new theories which will result in improving the quality of the life of the student community.
    • Develop personality of the students in a healthy way and to provide opportunity to acquire knowledge in state-of-the-art research.


    • Provide service to the university, engineering profession, and the public through consultancy services.

Established in the year 1978 DST - FIST Sponsored Department through which the department got a funding of Rs. 110 lakhs.
     MoU with CSIR - Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai for collaborative Research. Through this wind speed monitoring tower with anemometers was established at a cost of Rs. 10 lakhs at Faculty of Marine Science, Parangipettai.
     The Department is pioneer in introducing new PG Programmes. The Department introduced M.E structural Engineering in the year 1953 and M.E. Disaster Management and Engineering in the year 2007 first time in the country.
     The department has a large test floor facility which is a unique facility with which one can conduct any type of structural testing in the laboratory.
     The department has the largest steam curing chambers among the educational institutions, with which one can prepare large concrete specimens for testing.
     The department and the university is the 3 rd institution in South India to introduce Earthquake Engineering laboratory in the undergraduate curriculum.
     The department has accessed funds to the tune of Rs. 4.0 Crores from various funding agencies like UGC, DST, AICTE, Ministry of Agriculture, TNSCST, etc.
     The department has developed new and innovative materials for construction, viz: Paddy husk Cement (1982) and Geopolymer Concrete (2013).
     An active Institute -Industry interaction has been established through consultancy to Government and Private Organisation.


Programmes Offered
  • B.E. Civil And Structural Engineering
  • M.E. Structural Engineering
  • M.E. Construction Engg. & Mgt.
  • M.E. Geotechnical Engineering
  • M.E. Disaster Management and Engineering
  • Ph.D. Civil And Structural Engineering


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