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       The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1929, it has earned a glorious heritage of conducting research activities in various fields of Applied Mathematics. The Department is dedicated to providing a strong foundation in Mathematics, in a student friendly atmosphere. The past and present members of faculty of the Department have been conducting research works in different branches of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The alumni of the Department are well placed in India and abroad in Universities, Colleges and Research & Development Organizations.

       The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1929, the year of inception of the University. It has been headed by eminent mathematicians Dr. A. Narasinga Rao (1926-1946), Dr. G. V. Krishnaswamy Iyengar (1946-1950), Dr. V. Ganapathy Iyer (1950-1972), Dr. G. Sankaranarayanan (1972-1986), Dr. R. Balakrishnan (1986-1998), Dr. (Mrs.) AR. Meenakshi (1998-2004), Dr. P. Paulraja (2004-2012), Dr. N. Thillaigovindan (2012-2014). Currently Dr. Nirmala P Ratchagar is heading the Department (since 2014).

        The department regularly organizes National Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. Every year, the Department also conducts Ramanujan Memorial Seminar, Prof. G. Sankaranarayanan Endowment Lectures, Dr. K. Rangasamy - Dr. V. Balachandran Endowment Lectures and Prof. R. Balakrishnan Endowment Seminar.

        The Department has to its credit more than 600 research papers published in reputed international journals. The research results of the department have been cited in many monographs besides survey articles in leading journals, and hence the Department is internationally well known for its research activities.

        Internationally acclaimed Mathematicians such as Professors Marshal F. Nuets, J.G.C. Templeton, G.S. Lade, M. Waldschmidt, J.C. Bermond, F. Jeager, A. Raspaud, D. Sotteau, H. Li. J. Bagga, D. Kannan, M. Sambantham, Y. Manoussakis, V. Balachandran, R. Balasubramanian, and B. Alspach delivered lectures at the Department.

       Professor A. Narasinga Rao, first Head of the Department, was instrumental for the creation of the Indian Mathematical Society. The Indian Society for Probability and Statistics was started by the Department and Prof. Sankaranarayanan as its Founder President. This society also regularly conducts its Annual Conferences. The Ramanujan Mathematical Society was created by the Department. Now it is a well known Mathematical Society and it brings out a journal regularly. The Founder President and Founder Secretary of the Society were our former Heads of the Department, namely, Professors. G. Sankaranarayanan and R. Balakrishnan, respectively. Also, the Mathematics Newsletter was started by the Department and it was supported by the National Board for Higher Mathematics. Prof. R. Balakrishnan, former Head of the Department, was the Managing Editor of the Newsletter for over a decade. Thus the Department not only serves for the University but also helps the mathematics community as a whole.

Highlights of the Programmes
  • The curriculum is designed in accordance with various competitive examinations like CSIR, UGC, NBHM, SLET and UPSC.
  • Computer languages like C and C++ and the corresponding practical modulus are included in the curriculum.
  • After completion of the course the students get employment opportunities in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Research & Development Organizations.

Programmes Offered
  • M.Sc. Mathematics (Five Year Integrated)
  • M.Sc. Mathematics (Two Year CBCS)
  • M.Phil. Mathematics
  • Ph.D. Mathematics
The Professor and Head
Department of Mathematics
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