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Staff Id : 03983
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,
Specialization : Embedded system,PROCESS CONTROL
Date of Birth : 04-01-1977
Date of Joining : 12-08-1998
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CHIDAMBARAM - 608 401.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 1111
Ph.D. 05

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Attended 335-5
Conducted ----5

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Completed ---
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List of Publications - International
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Design and Implementation of RST controller for spherical tank process.", International journal on Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Volume 14, Number 01, Jan 2011, pp. 12-22. 2011.
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Spherical tank system and its Real time implementation.", International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications , Volume 1, Number 3, Jul 2011, pp. 934-940. 2011.
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Modeling and Real Time Implementation of Digital Pi Controller for a Non Linear Process.", Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Sciences, Volume 2, Number 5, 2011, pp. 274-290. 2011.
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Design of optimized fuzzy logic controller for area minimization and its FPGA implementation..", International journal of computer science and Network security, Volume 10, Number 8, Aug 2010, pp. 187-192. 2010.
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Real time implementation of DSP based Fuzzy logic controller for speed control of BLDC motor.", International journal of computer Applications, Volume 10, Number 8, Nov 2010, pp. 22-28. 2010.
G.Sakthivel,T.S.Anandhi,S.P.Natarajan, "Real time Implementation of DC motor speed control by fuzzy logic controller and PI controller using FPGA.", International journal of sensors and Transducers, Volume 121, Number 10, Oct 2010, pp. 106-120. 2010.
List of Conferences - International
T.B.febin,G.Sakthivel,,R.Vinodha, Design of Genetic Algorithm based Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Non Linear Process, IEEE conference on Green Computing, Communication and Electrical Engineering, Mar 6-8, 2014, coimbatore, pp. 1-6. Coimbatore, IEEE.
G.Sakthivel,S.Abharam lincoln, Design of adaptive controller using minimum degree pole placement technique, International Conference on Instrumentation, Dec 19-21, 2004, PUNE, pp. 128-132. pune, ISOI.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Instrument society of india - 1272
Indian society for technical education - LM32242