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Staff Id : 04698
Name : Dr. P. RAMESH
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Energy, Internal Combustion Engine and Computational Techniques
Date of Birth : 02-04-1979
Date of Joining : 28-07-2000
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6/36,Thillai Nagar
Chidambaram-608 001.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 51
Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - International
P. Ramesh and E. James Gunasekaran, "Numerical Simulation of Film Thickness Formation in a PFI Engine Under Motoring Conditions.", Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Volume 9, Number 3, Sep 2019, pp. 11-15. 10.9756/BIJIEMS.9032.
K. Raj Kiran, S.Prasanna Raj Yadav, C.G. Saravanan, E. James Gunasekaran, Ramesh Perumal, "Computational Analysis of Combustion, Performance and Emission Characteristics on DI Diesel Engine with variable Intake Geometries.", Journal of Advanced research in Dynamical and Control System, Volume 9, Number 14, Jan 2017, pp. 465-476. 2017.
Muruga Ganesan A., James Gunasekaran E., Ramesh P. and Loganathan M., "Investigation of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of a single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine used in Farm Transportation Vehicles.", International Journal of Engineering Studies, Volume 9, Number 1, 2017, pp. 89-104. 2017.
P.Prabhakaran, P. ramesh, C.G. Saravanan, M.Loganathan and E.James Gunasekaran, "Experimental and numerical investigation of swirl enhancing grooves on the flow and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine.", Journal of Energy(Elsevier), Volume 115, Number Part1, Nov 2016, pp. 1234-1245. 10.1016/
Ramesh P., JamesGunasekaran E., "Emission Reduction in a GDI Engine with Different Injection Timings - A CFD Investigation.", International Review on Modelling and Simulations (I.RE.MO.S.), Volume 7, Number 4, Aug 2014, pp. 729-739. 2014.
Ramesh P., JamesGunasekaran E., "A CFD Investigation of Different Port Runner in a GDI Engine.", International Review of Mechanical Engineering (I.RE.M.E), Volume 8, Number 3, May 2014, pp. 583-591. 2014.
P.Ramesh, E.Jamesgunasekaran, R.Senthilkumar, P.Velmurugan, "Evaluation of Heat and Efficiency Character of Poly Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater.", European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research, Volume 2, Number 2, 2013, pp. 48-55. 2013.
P.Velmurugan and P. Ramesh, "Evaluation of thermal performance of wire mesh solar air heater.", Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Volume 4, Number 1, Jan 2011, pp. 12-14. 2011.
P.Velmurugan, P. Ramesh and V. Vinothkumar, "Forced Convective Heat Transfer Analysis on Pin-Fin Array.", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 6, Number 10, 2011, pp. 1201-1209. 2011.
List of Conferences - National
P.Ramesh, Monitoring of Dynamic Data Binding in A/C Plant Via DLU, National Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Mechanical Systems, Aug 23-24, 2007, Virudhunagar, pp. 71-79. Karpagam College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Ramesh p., Murugan K. and Guruprasad B., Computational Study of Heat Transfer Rate on Radial Fins, National Seminar on Analyses and Applications of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (AAFH2007), Apr 5-6, 2007, Annamalai nagar, pp. 69-76. Annamalai University, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
P.Ramesh, T.Shanmugavadevel, P.Raveendiran, A.Kajavali and K.R.Baraneedharan, Solar Energy Monitoring thro DLU in PC for Tesselation Management, National Seminar on "Safety - Health - Environment", Feb 27-28, 2004, Annamalai nagar, pp. 78-84. Annamalai University, Directorate of Distance Education.
P.Ramesh, VLISP Enhancement on Modeling and Simulation, National Conference on Mpodelling and Simulation in Manufacturing - MOSIN 2003, Mar 15-16, 2003, Annamalai nagar, pp. 86-95. Annamalai University, Department of Manufacturing Engineering.
P. Ramesh, V.Vinothkumar and B.Karthikeyan, Solid Modeling on VLISP (Multi speed gear box), National conference on Recent Trends in CAD/CAM, Mar 30-30, 2002, Kakinada, pp. 57-63. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
List of Conferences - International
Ramesh P. and JamesGunasekaran E., Investigation of Flow Field Pattern in a GDI Engine at Different Speeds using Numerical Techniques, 8th SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference & Exposition and Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress 2013 (SIMCOMVEC), Dec 4-7, 2013, Chennai, India, pp. 43-53. Chennai, India, SAE International.
P.Ramesh, Performance Evaluation of poly Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater, International Conference on Thermal Energy and Environment (INCOTEE11), Mar 24-26, 2011, Virudhunagar, pp. 71-79. Krishnankoil, Kalasalingam University.
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SAEINDIA - 7130411730
The Indian Society for Technical Education - Lm 32440