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Staff Id : 05241
Designation : ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (On other duty as Deputy Director (i/c), In-charge of Annamalai Innovation Centre)
Qualification : M.E., PhD.
Specialization : Process Control, Industrial Safety Engineering
Date of Birth : 14-05-1976
Date of Joining : 09-07-2001
Present Address Contact Number E-Mail Address
#14, Aranganathan Nagar,
Research Guidance
Discipline Awarded Guidance
M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 61
Ph.D. 00

Conference /Seminar / Symposia / Workshop
Conference Seminar Symposia Workshop
National International
Attended 2--25
Conducted 11---

Research Projects
Major Projects Minor Projects Total Amount (Rs.)
Completed ---
Ongoing ---
Teaching and Research Experience Industry Experience
17 Years1 Years
Journals Conference Books Published Popular Article
National International National International
1 3 - - - -

List of Publications - National
M.Ramanathan, C.S.Rathnasabapathy, R.Dhanasekar and T.Viruthagiri, "Batch Kinetics and Modeling of Glutathione Synthesis from Candida utilis Utilizing Glucose.", Indian Chemical Engineer, Volume 49, Number 1, Mar 2007, pp. 21-28. 2007.
List of Publications - International
S. Sathian, M. Rajasimman, C.S. Rathnasabapathy, C. Karthikeyan, "Performance evaluation of SBR for the treatment of dyeingwastewater by simultaneous biological and adsorption processes.", Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 4, Number 1, Dec 2014, pp. 82-90. 2014/10.1016/j.jwpe.2014.09.004.
C.S.Rathnasabapathy, R.Dhanasekar, "Effect of Precursor Addition on Glutathione Synthesis using Candida utilis,..", Technology Today, Volume 2, Number 2, Sep 2010, pp. 149-160. 2010.
C.S.Rathnasabapathy, Syed Mahin Basha, R.Dhansekar, "Enhanced Production of Glutathione from Candida utilis using Palm Jaggery, .", International Journal of ChemTech Research, Volume 1, Number 4, Oct 2009, pp. 1137-1144. 2009.