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         The Faculty of Arts has been in existence since the inception of the University in 1929, and from then onwards, the Faculty has made rapid strides in both teaching and research, catering to the academic needs of rural students and others hailing from both within Cuddalore District, and elsewhere. Innovations in academic and research spheres have been introduced in all the ten departments of the Faculty during the last five years. Various Academic Programmes including Post-Graduate and Diploma studies have been introduced in the faculty.


1. English

        The Faculty of Arts has the largest English department in Tamil Nadu, in terms of staff size, student numbers, paper options, and library facilities.  In assonance with the aims and ambitions of the University, the English Department, is all set to synchronize modernistic outlook in a conservative environment. One of the oldest departments of study, the department is devoted to the study of and research in English Language and Literature and has made significant contributions in the areas of English Language Teaching, English Literature, American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Spoken English, French Studies, and English for Communication.
         The department currently offers the following programs of studies: M. A. English (Two year CBCS program), M. A. English (Five Year Integrated Program), and M. Phil., Ph. D (Full-time, part-time, & external). The department has the facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and an excellent faculty to inspire prospective scholars to pursue research in a variety of components of English Language and Literary Studies. The thrust areas of research include: American Literature, British Literature, African American Literature, Indian Writing in English and Commonwealth Literature. The department has so far produced 176 Ph.Ds and about 449  M.Phils. The staffs of the department are conversant with both traditional and contemporary knowledge and are strongly talented in its systematic dissemination.
         The department library is equipped with about 7000 volumes in English Language and Literature, American Studies, Canadian Studies, and Commonwealth Literature and also back volumes of journals and periodicals. The department aims at a change from literature orientation to language acquisition through extra coaching to academically backward students, training students in soft skills, counseling to students with problems of special nature, and encouraging them to attend National and International Conferences.


2. History

         The Department of History has made long strides since its inception, and in the last two decades, it has been conspicuous for its teaching and research achievements. Two notable programs, M.A. History (Five Year PG Programme), and M.A. History (Two Year PG Programme) have been introduced in the department, and are well-received. A number of 130 researchers have earned their Ph.D degrees and 385 researchers have got their M.Phil degrees The same research pursuit continues in the department. The department has published more than 390 research papers in both national and international journals. One international seminar and five national seminars have been organized by the department.


3. Political Science and Public Administration

     Political education is a phenomenon which moulds political culture of a nation that ultimately ends with generating ideal citizenry. The afore-mentioned thesis is made proven since 1981, by the department of political science & Public Administration along with strenuous endeavour by a very good faculty in the esteemed institution. The founder, being a scholar with updated specialization in political science strongly advocated the subject mixed with human value. Man-Making and leadership are the two inherent and pivotal tenets for which the department functions with ebullient pedagogical skills imparted from U.S.A. Gandhian studies, Integration studies, Human Rights Education, Leadership and Governance Studies, Transgender are all the different specializations in which truthful researches were undertaken in the department. Specifically the syllabus is framed on the basis of Civil Services and other competitive examinations serves as a foundation for the students community and budding scholars as well. Post graduate programmes in political science, public administration and 5 years integrated are the milestone of the department in establishing itself in various capacities. Quite apart, research programmes in Political Science & Public Administration with competent research supervisors produced 244’s of PhDs and M.Phil’s in the department. Students supportive activities such as, weekly meetings, endowment lectures, special lectures, faculty lectures, group discussions, quiz programmes, cultural activities, Motivation sessions, counselling are all the part and parcel of the department activities with the support of both internal and external academicians. Obviously, the mentor-mentee sessions also helps students and teachers to get close with one another. International seminars and workshops are extra-curricular activities of the department, by which debates and discussions are encouraged to mould the future citizens of the new world.


4. Economics

         The Department of Economics, supported by the UGC under SAP-DRS-II, has made long strides in imparting niceties of knowledge to students, During 2012-2017, three research projects have been undertaken at an estimate cost of Rs. One Crore. Effective research is done in the department, and 179 M.Phil.s and 192 Ph.D.s have been produced by the department so far. Colloquiums, national seminars, workshops and such other meets numbering more than 18 are a feather in the cap of the department. 367 research papers have been published in national and international journals. The academic spirit will continue in the future also.


5. Commerce

       One of the most popular and biggest Departments in the faculty of Arts is the Department of Commerce. M.Com. programme is offered under both PG and IC streams with specialization in “Co-operative Management”, “Computer Application”, “International Business, Banking and Insurance”, “Accounting Information system” besides Tally programme and Diploma in Retail Banking as Standalone courses. So far 538 M.Phil and 251 Ph.D. candidates have successfully completed their programmes. Two MoUs have been signed with Insys Info School and WINSOFT Chidambaram for Tally package besides an MoU with ICICI for Retail Banking. The department has published 57 books and 5357 research papers in national and international journals so far.


6. Sociology and Social Work

         The Department of Sociology was established in 1954. During its formative years, three Fulbright American Professors helped in designing the academic courses and also initiated research activities. The department collaborates with leading National and International NGOs for academic and research activities. The Department actively engages the students in extension activities such as Village Adoption, Blood Donation Camps, Camps for Awareness Creation in the surrounding villages. Every year, on an average, 15 to 20 research articles are published by our faculty members in national and international journals. Since 2000, the department has successfully completed nine (3 Major; 6 Minor) Research Projects funded by UGC, World Bank, and State Government. The department is currently assisted by the UGC under SAP-DRS (Phase-II) with a grant of Rs. 93.5 lakhs for five years (2015-2020).


7. Population Studies

         The Department of Population Studies functions in consonance with the national policy of the Government of India, and the progress the department has made is commendable. To meet the growing demand for new innovative programs from the students, both Indian and international, seven academic courses have been introduced in the department viz. two M.A. programs, one B.A program, one P.G Diploma and three diploma programs. Five Projects worth thirteen lakhs of rupees have been undertaken, and the Project Directors are making consistent progress. So far 70 M.Phil and 45 Ph.D. candidates have successfully completed their programmes. Sharing findings with the academics elsewhere is the significance of research, and in this spirit, twelve national seminars have been conducted in the department, making meaningful contribution towards nation building. The faculty has published eighty research papers in national and international journals. The department has organized five national conferences and workshops and seven training programmes.


8. Business Administration

         The Department of Business Administration thrives everyday in its academic and research endeavours to inculcate in the prospective entrepreneurs the knowledge of business management. Four M.B.A. programs of multeity have been introduced in the department to meet the growing demands of young learners for appropriate placement. The faculty has received encomia from different quarters of the academic world and carved 9 projects worth 23 lakhs of rupees. The department has executed 6 consultancy projects worth 11 lakhs of rupees. Both academic pursuits and research progress are in tune with the strides made elsewhere, and the result of these endeavours motivated researchers in qualifying themselves for a Ph.D. The department has produced 290 Ph.D.s and 190 M.Phil.s. A total number of 1131 research papers have been published in national and international journals. Further the department has struck 4 MOUs with four Indian and foreign institutes and organizations. The department is on a par with any other institution in the country and it is explicit in the 34 national and international seminars conducted during last five years. The faculty have received 23 honours and awards in recognition of their contributions to realm of knowledge, the department celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2003.


9. Library and Information Science

         The Department of Library and Information Science, established during the Golden Jubilee year (1979) of the university, offers the following programmes of study: M.Lib.I.Sc., (Five Year Integrated), B.Lib.I.Sc., (One Year), M.Lib.I.Sc., (One Year) ,M.Lib.I.Sc., (Two Year) , M.Phil.,(Regular), Ph.D. (Regular, Part Time & External). Various interdisciplinary courses and elective papers are introduced in the CBCS system in all the four semesters. About 148 Ph.D.s and 157 M.Phils have been produced by the department. Students and research scholars are offered various scholarships for their research studies. Two of the faculty have won awards. The faculty members have published 325 research papers in both National and International journals. The department has organized three international conferences, ten National Seminars and four workshops. Three projects was sanctioned by UGC worth Rs.29 lakhs for the assistance at the level of DRS-I for five years [2011-2016] under the Special Assistance Programme [SAP] and Rs. 5,03,600 lakhs for 2013-2015. The curriculum is designed according to emerging areas of Library and Information science by the Board of Faculty Members regularly. The students are well equipped with the recent trends in the Libraries by presentations of Faculty Lectures and Guest Lectures at regular intervals.


10. Centre for Rural Development
         The Centre for Rural Development plays a vital role in nation building, and it offers four post-graduate programs in addition to M.Phil., and Ph.D research programs. The centre has conducted two U.G.C national seminars, one workshop, and one refresher course. The Farmers Club is a unique concept to extend professional assistance to agriculturalists, and the department has fifty nine clubs. It is a nascent centre of learning and they produced 9 Ph.D.s and 15 M.Phil.s. The department has undertaken 4 research projects worth 11 lakhs of rupees. The faculty has published 7 research papers. The department has also organized two national seminars and workshops, and five rural training programmes. In order to serve the cause of the society, the department has organized 43 Meet with Expert programmes. Also 70 training programmes and a village camp have been organized by the department. With the co-operation of banks the department has adopted 55 villages.


11. Philosophy

         Great Academicians and Vice-Chancellors embellished the Department of Philosophy, and its academic tradition grows into the future with the teachers earnest efforts. Four new M.A. programs have been introduced in the department in the recent years, and research progresses parallel to teaching. The fact that 54 researchers have earned Ph.D.s and 62 their M.Phil.s stands testimony to the academic verve of the teaching staff. The department has organized 4 national and 2 international seminars and conferences. The faculty members have published 57 research papers in national and international journals. The activities in the department substantiate the need for the pursuit of liberal subjects for human refinement.




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