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The Department of Commerce, Annamalai University, was started in the year 1956, first with a Deputy Registrar of Cooperatives from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu to teach Cooperation as a subject. Dr.M.O.Mathew, M.Com (Hons) Ph.D., took over as its first Head of the Department in 1962. The Department started flourishing in its academic achievements by producing Bankers, Business Managers, Entrepreneurs, University Professors and College and School Teachers, Auditors, Cost Accountants, IAS officers, Police officers, Government Employees, and scholars of high order at National and International level in its 63 years of service to society.

The Department has produced more than 260 Ph.D.s and over 540 M.Phil. Graduates. One MoU has been signed with Win Soft, Chidambaram to facilitate academic advancement. The placement for the on-campus students is regularly attempted by the team of teachers concerned and attain good number of orders. . The department has published about 57 books and a little over 5357 research papers in national and international journals.


The Department of Commerce, Annamalai University Commenced its functioning in the year 1956 under the aegis of the Department of Economics with just three members of staff. Two programmes were offered initially, viz, B.Com and B.Com(hons). M.Com Degree program was introduced in the year 1959 Prof. Dr. M. O. Mathew was the first Associate Professor of Commerce and there after the first full-fledged Professor and Head, for the Department of Commerce who headed the department for 24 years from 1962.

It is the Commerce Department which introduced B.Com programme in Tamil Medium in the entire Tamil Nadu State from 1978-81 and M.Com in Tamil Medium from the year onwards. The department is still well known for its teaching and other research capabilities. The Department attracted students across the world to pursue different Programmes of Commerce in various specialisations. The list of Distinguished Alumni of the Department of Commerce has been given below:

  • Dr.R.Alagappan, Former Registrar, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
  • Dr.A.Seetharaman, Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore
  • Dr.Durga Doss, CEO ICon Management Services Limited Sharjah, the UAE
  • Sri.R.Santhanam, Sr.Conucil, The Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
  • Dr.G.Singaravel, Director, Ministry of Defence Govt.of India, New Delhi.
  • Dr. D. Amarchand, Former Registrar, University of Madras, Chennai.
  • Mr. S. Nemichand, Entrepreneur, Chidambaram.
  • Dr. S. Sudalaimuthu, Vice Chancellor (Retd.), Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

The alumni of the department organize their meets once in two years and contribute material support to upgrade the infrastructure of the Department of Commerce.

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Staff Study Circle meetings for the Teaching Staff to have voluntary FDPs / FIPs

Research Scholars Forum to meet every week to strengthen their teaching ability and presentation skills on the part of scholars, and evaluated by teacher conveners

Commerce Association of Staff and Students at PG, Research, and Integrated levels to have periodical meetings for various skill development, sports, entertainment, & IQ/EQ programmes and value education

Industrial Visits organized every semester to provide students with an exposure to skills in organizational management

SET & NET coaching to Research Scholars for their better placement opportunities

Placement & Training of PG students every year through university level Job Fair

NSS and Youth Red Cross to involve the students in various social service activities

Seminars and conferences conducted for the benefit of staff researchers and students to update their academic knowledge on the recent developments in Trade, Commerce, Business, and Industry

Thrust Areas in Research in Commerce both at M.Phil and Ph.D. Level

Core Subjects

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Organisational Behaviour.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Business Environment.
  • Technology Banking.
  • Financial Markets & Services.
  • Cooperative Management.
  • Entrepreneurial Development.
  • International Business.
  • Insurance Management.

Department Electives

  • The Constitution of India.
  • Elements of Insurance
  • Office Management and Secretarial Practice
  • Business Ethics and values
  • Financial Market and Services
  • Advertisement Salesmanship and Sales Force management
  • Modern Banking
  • Retail Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Finance and Foreign Exchange
  • International Logistics Management
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Project Finance and Management

Add on Courses (Value added Courses)

  • CRM in E-Banking
  • Tally Certificate Training with M/S Winsoft

Inter-Department Electives

  • Marketing Management
  • Business Communication & Report Writing
  • Digital Banking
  • Income Tax and GST Assessment Methods
  • Office Management
  • Stock Market Investing
  • Accounting for Managerial Decisions
  • Integrated Agripreunership Development
  • Advertising Management

Programmes Offered

    M.Com. Accounting Information System (Two Year PG Programme)

    M.Com (AIS) is a two years P.G. Programme which was designed to address the industry needs for a systematic flow of accounting information in any management from top to bottom and bottom to top. The students are equipped with necessary academic knowledge and practical tanning on various aspects of accounting methods and standards globally applicable and followed by business concerns in India and Abroad. This programme is supposed to enable the graduates to pursue Professional Courses like Charted Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Financial Analyst and Company Secretaryship besides enabling them to appear for UPSC and TNPSC Examinations.

    M.Com. International Business, Banking and Insurance (Two Year PG Programme)

    M.Com (IBBI) is a two years P.G Programme which was designed to address the needs of Banking and Insurance organizations in India, specifically requiring the services of young graduates with necessary academic background and practical training on various functional aspects of banking and insurance units in India. This programme is supposed to enable the graduates to pursue Professional Courses like Charted Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Financial Analyst and Company Secretary ship besides enabling them to appear for UPSC and TNPSC Examinations.

    M.Com (Co-operative Management)

    M.Com (CM) is a two year P.G. Programme which was one of the thrust areas in business which has been a pioneering academic programme of the Department of Commerce, Annamalai University. This is designed to learn some basic knowledge on the principles and practice of Co-operation in India in general and various forms and types of Co-operative institutions in Tamil Nadu at Village level, Taluk level, District level and the State as well, with both theory and practice of Co-operation as a form of business enterprise. This programme is supposed to enable the graduates to pursue Professional Courses like Charted Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Financial Analyst and Company Secretary ship besides enabling them to appear for UPSC and TNPSC Examinations.

    M.Com. (Five Year PG Programme)

    M.Com Integrated Programme is a five year programme wherein students are imparted knowledge about bachelor level basic commerce subjects for the first three years and then they have to equip themselves for P.G level subjects as briefed below.

    • Accounting Information System (AIS)
    • International Business, Banking and Insurance (IBBI)
    • Co-operative Management (CM)

    This would enable them to serve institutions requiring the able services of young graduates with specialized knowledge and expertise in the required field of study. This programme is supposed to enable the graduates to pursue Professional Courses like Charted Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Financial Analyst and Company Secretary ship besides enabling them to appear for UPSC and TNPSC Examinations.

    Research Scholars Forum
    Ph.D. (Full Time & External) - (By Course Work and Research)

The Strength of the Department of Commerce is its successive and highly dedicated staff of 19 (Nineteen) at present out of which 15 Faculty Members are Professors and three staff members are Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor. All the faculty members have Two decades of teaching and research experience on an average. The seasoned and veteran staff members are specialised in various branches of Commerce, namely Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Co-operation, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. All the staff members have achieved academic and research centric credits on various performance dimensions, viz., publications in reputed journals, projects, book writing, organising conferences, receiving awards, foreign visits, consultancy, research guidance and extensions. There are eleven non teaching members working at present in various cadres like special officers data superintendents, assistants, office assistant’s helpers.

The Department of Commerce periodically updates and upgrades the commerce curricula in line with the socioeconomic developments. B.Com (Hons) was replaced with M.Com in the year 1960. The undergraduate programme, which received a great deal of student’s support was conducted for three decades (1956-7986)viz., Income Tax, Co-operation, Advanced Banking and Trade and Transport until now. In the wake of tectonic shift in policy decision of Govt. of India, market relevant courses were offered from time to time. Accordingly Financial Services, Computer Application, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Intelligence and Marketing Management were offered as core specialisations. Currently drastic changes have been made in various specialisations offered by Department in line with prescriptions mandated by the UGC, ICSSR and the NAAC. Two Major Programmes viz., M.Com Five year Integrated Programme and M.Com Two year PG under choice based credit system are offered at present. Two value added courses viz., i) Artificial Intelligence and its applications in business ii) (CRM) in E-Banking are offered by the Department of Commerce.

Students pursuing the different specialisations find placement in companies and institutions of repute by the Directorate of Placement, Training and Entrepreneurship of our University. On an average every year about 50 students are placed in various gainful employments in the organisations of repute.

The Department of Commerce has been housed in a separate Two storey building with in built-up area of 9235 sq.ft. There are 17 class rooms and (Mooc Hall) one smart class room. Computer lab, with 20 systems and necessary internet connection attached with the overall computer lab of Arts Faculty, 16 staff rooms and one office room, besides the room for the Head of the Department. The Department of Commerce has its own Reverse Osmosis Plant donated by alumni of 1987-1989 batch and one submersible pump set with overhead water tank. There are three R.O water purification systems installed in the Department of Commerce to supply drinking water to the students.

The Department of Commerce conducted 52 National conferences and workshops in all, besides three Faculty Development Programmes.

Department of Commerce has successfully completed Two Major Research projects and Eleven minor Research Projects. One senior staff member was awarded with Post Doctoral Research Fellowship.

The Department of Commerce has contributed significantly to the Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporation, Chennai for around 5 decades now. The successive Professor and Head Dr.M.O.Mathew, Dr.SM.Chocalingam and Dr.D.Ilangovan have acted as Chairpersons for writing Text Books for HSC First and Second year courses on Commerce and Accountancy. The distinguished Professors Dr.K.N.Ramanijam and Dr.S. Balakrishan has written Text Books for Degree courses in Tamil Medium for the Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporation Chennai. The following staff members were Lesson Writers and Reviewers of the above books viz., Dr.K.Govindharajan, Dr.K.Padmanathan, Dr.M.P.Magesh, Dr.K.Sundar, Dr. M.Rajarajan, Dr.K.Tamil Selvan, Dr.M.Thirunaraya samy and Dr.J.Paramasivan. Professor B.Varadharajan has written a Text Book on Principles of Marketing in the year 1985.
Department of Commerce has entered into MoUs for Tally Certification, training to help the students update their knowledge in tally packages for the past 2 decades with insysinfosis of Chennai and late with win soft, Chidambaram.

Department of Commerce is offering Tax Consultancy Service to both teaching and a non-teaching staff members under the Title “Income Tax Assessment and Advising Council” in the Department premises. The students of Commerce Department are periodically taken to field trips to various institutions. Companies and agro based industries in order to strengthen their conceptual knowledge with practical exposure. Similarly students are taken to the banks to gain exposure to banking technology, various types of cooperative institutions to get them exposed to application of cooperative philosophy in those organizations and to industrial organization like NLC, Neyveli, Port Trust ,Chennai, Integral Coach Factory, Chennai and the like to acquaint item them with functional domains of business .Also students who pursue Finance and Accountancy are imparted practical knowledge on e-filling and tax computation skills by Tax Practioners and Auditors.

The Department of Commerce has the reputation of having conducted Night School for the students from economically and socially downtrodden community. The Department of Commerce has two units of NSS students. Our NSS students have gone to various villages across and beyond Cuddalore District and rendered different types of social services. In addition, the local self help groups were invited and provided hands on training on various craft works by conducting workshop at our Department.

Initially from 1965 to 1990 the Commerce Department had MOCK Company, which had a Company Secretary from among the students investors. It provided a platform for students to apply their conceptual knowledge in running a company. It released annual magazine for three decade up to 1990.The Department have Commerce Association which currently provide context for students to exhibit their talents ,skill and capabilities of various kinds.

The Department of Commerce has one full fledged library attached to a computer lab with internet facility. It has treasured 5000 and odd books on a variety of titles across various specialisations and branches of commerce. Further it has a collection of M.Lit, M.phill and Ph.D theses for references by Research Scholars. Research journals are subscribed through the Sir-C.P.R.A.Library of which 17 are bought and placed at our library periodically.

There are two class rooms for research scholars for M.Phill and Ph.D besides a reading room in the libaray.Their presence in the Department is strictly regulated by attendance and control records. They are forced to put in mandatory attendance both morning and evening and made to refer to literature both online and offline during their presence at the department. Periodically Research Scholars pursuing M.Phil and P.hD research degrees are updated about latest trends in commerce research by organising Invited Talks, Seminars and Workshops and by encouraging them to participate in academic Seminars and Conferences conducted across India. Till date 260 PhD’s have been produced by Department of Commerce and 540 M.Phil graduates were produced.

The Department of Commerce is the oldest University Department in the entire Tamil Nadu State. Our legendary Professor and Head Dr. M.O.Mathew was the first Ph.D in commerce in the entire South India who initiated research in Tamil Nadu. It is under his guidance and supervision that the very seeds for research were sown in Tamil Nadu in the form of M.Lit. M.Phil and P.hd. in Commerce. The credit of popularity Ph.D research in Tamil Nadu State goes to none other than Professor Dr. M.M.Mathew. It is again the Department of Commerce which initiated M.Phil research under Summer Sequential Programme(SSP) in our department which enabled several teacher colleges in Commerce all across Tamil Nadu to equip themselves with research degree during 1980and 1990. Similarly several school teachers and other employees were able to get M.Phil Degree in Commerce through our own teaching wing under distance education mode. Today the department of commerce is far ahead of all other universities in terms of number of PhD’s. and M.Phil produced.

The Department of Commerce has 24 exclusive Endowments at the Department level and 6 more Endowments at the University level. These Endowments encourage the students to well at their academic and research activities by providing prizes at the annual Convocation event to overall top performers at various Specialisations and Research activities.

  • The Doctor Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiar Prize.
  • The His Excellency Shri Sri Prakasa (Commerce) prize
  • The Shri. T.M. Narayananswami Pillai (Commerce) prize.
  • The Shri. Karumuthu Thiagaraha Chettiar (Commerce) prize
  • The south Arcot Co-Operative Cebtrak Bank Golden Jubilee R.Kanagasabai Prize
  • Shri N.M.Ponnambalam Pillai Sashtiapoorthy Memorial (m.Com) Prize
  • Dr. Justice R.S. Somosundram Endowment.
  • AR. Lakshmi Achi Scholarship.
  • Dr M.O.Mathew Endowment of ACAA.
  • Padma Bhushan Dr. Rajah Sir M.A
  • Mayor Radha Pillai Endwoment.
  • Thiru. M. Razzack F.C.A Endwoment.
  • Dr.K.N Ramanjujam Endowment
  • Smt. Lakshmi Shanmugam Endowment.
  • Dr. B. RAjagopalan Endowment.Dr.S.Balakrishnan Endwoment.
  • Dr. S. Balakrishnan Endowment.
  • Dr.V. Shanmugam Endowment.
  • TMT Sigappa Achi Ramaswamy Endowment Prize.
  • Annamalai Commerce alumni Endowment Prize.
  • Prof. B. Varadharajan Prizes Endowment.
  • Prof.K.Aludia Pillai prizes Endowment
  • PV.K.gopalkrishnan Prize Endowment.
  • Honble Justice Thiru. M.S. Janarathamnam Endowment.
  • Prof B. Bakthavatsalu Naidu Endowment.
Approved by Government of Tamil Nadu
1 M.Com Accounting & Finance G.O No:27 dated 13.02.2014
2 M.Com Co-operative Management G.O No:27 dated 13.02.2014
3 M.Com Computer Applications G.O No:27 dated 13.02.2014
4 M.Com Five year Integrated Programme Optional:
1.Accounting & Finance
2.International Banking
3.Co-operative Management
4.International Business & Banking
5.Accounting Information System
6.International Business Banking & Insurance
G.O (M.s) No:266 dated 29.11.2019
5 M.Com Accounting Information System G.O (M.s) No:266 dated 29.11.2019
6 M.Com International Business & Banking G.O (M.s) No:266 dated 29.11.2019
7 M.Com Business Intelligence G.O (M.s) No:266 dated 29.11.2019
8 M.Com International Business Banking & Insurance G.O (M.s) No:266 dated 29.11.2019

Distinguished Alumni

Dr. S. Sudalaimuthu

Former Vice - Chancellor,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi &
Presently Vice - Chancellor, Karpagam University, Coimbatore

Prof. A. Seetharaman

Dean, S.P. Jain School of Management
Hydrabad Road, Singapore

Dr. M. Selvam

Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management
Prof. and Head, Dept. of Commerce and Financial Studies
Bharathidasan University, Trichirapalli - 620024

CA Durgadoss .R

Financial Consultant
CEO, Icon Management Financial Services
Sharjah, The UAE

Mr. G. Moorthi

Advocate, High Court of Madras
Chennai - 2.

Dr. G. Singaravelu

Ministry of Defence,
Government of India. New Delhi

Mr.N. Krishnaswamy

District Judge
CBI Court - 9, Chennai

Mr. V. Soundararajan

Chief General Manager
Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.


Programmes Offered
  • M.Com. (Five Year PG Programme)
  • M.Com. Accounting and Finance (Two Year PG Programme - upto 2017-18)
  • M.Com. Accounting Information System (Two Year PG Programme 2018-19 Onwards)
  • M.Com. Co-Operative Management (Two Year PG Programme 2018-19 Onwards)
  • M.Com. International Business and Banking (Two Year PG Programme - upto 2017-18)
  • M.Com. International Business ,Banking and Insurance (Two Year PG Programme 2018-19 Onwards)
  • M.Com. Business Intelligence (Two Year PG Programme)
  • M.Com. Computer Application (Two Year PG Programme Upto 2018-19)
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D. (Full Time & External)
Professor and Head
Department of Commerce
Annamalai University
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