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         Alumni of the department are well placed in India & Abroad in Music Colleges and Schools. Also working as Professional Artists, Performers in AIR and Doordharshan, Programme Executives, Music and Dance Teachers in private institutions and organizations, Film Music Directors, Sound Engineers and Dance Choreographers, Orches-tra Singers and Instrument Players, etc.
Job Opportunities
  • Teaching - Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Mass Media - AIR, T.V. Channels
  • Film Industry - Music Composers, Music Conductors
  • Sound Engineers, Playback Singers.
  • Self Employment - Full -time Musician, Music Critic
Research Thrust Areas
  • Aesthetics of Music
  • Music Criticism
  • Music Therapy
  • Music Composers
  • Music Literature
  • Acoustics of Music
  • Music in Mass Media