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Computer and Information Science

Research Activities

As part of the development of research activities, researchers are motivated to formulate and share with each other a conceptual framework in their research field by delivering a series of technical lectures. Senior staff members of the department gave their best suggestions and shared their research experiences after studying the lectures. This can be a great motivation for the researchers.

Extension activities
Various extension activities have been undertaken by the department. In 2018, Computer training was given to the Junior Assistants in order to pass their departmental test. Some participants are working in this university, while others are deputed to other institutions.
On 12.05.2022, our Department's Computer and Information Science Association (CISA) was established by our Honourable Vice Chancellor. In this event, The Registrar gave presidential address.

Association activities include special lectures from the leading personalities in Industry and Institutions, placement assistance, personality development, group discussions, staff-student interaction and more.

Co-Curricular Activities
Numerous literary events such as elocution competition, essay writing competition, drawing competition, lectures and debates have been organized for the personality development of our students. These competitions were conducted at regular intervals without interrupting the classes.

Sports Day is a day dedicated for praising and rewarding the talented students who participate in intramural sports on campus. Our department arranged a grand sports event at University Pavilion on April 19-20, 2022. In which all the students from our department were participated with great enthusiasm and manifested their athletic skills with an unimpeachable finesse.

Extracurricular & Extension Activities

The students’ creative visual board (4’×6’) has been placed closer to the HOD room, and our students regularly exhibit new advancements and innovations in the field of computer and information science. The contents are displayed in the prescribed format (A4 size) after they are verified by the staff members.