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         The Science faculty courses in various branches were incepted along with Tamil and Music Departments in 1929.  The legacy of each department is very unique and highly distinguishable. Alumni of Faculty of Science have occupied coveted positions like Vice-Chancellors, Scientists, Administrators, Police Officers, Politicians and eminent personalities in India and abroad.

Department of Mathematics

         The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1929, the year of inception of the university. The department was nurtured by stalwarts like Professors A. Narasinga Rao, V.Ganapathy Iyer etc. Dr. A. Narasinga Rao was a dynamic research worker, a brilliant teacher, who put the Department in the academic map of India right from its inception. He was closely connected with the formation of the Indian Mathematical Society and the subsequent development of mathematics in this Country. Professor V. Ganapathy Iyer contributed significantly in the field of Analysis and invented a space called Iyer’s space in his name. Dr. Sankaranarayanan (1972-86),a renounced stochastic processing have contributed significantly in  the field of applied probability theory.
        The Department was responsible for the creation of three societies, namely, Indian Mathematical Society, Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS) and the Ramanujan Mathematical Society.The Thrust areas in the Department areAlgebra and Linear Algebra,Fuzzy Theory,Fluid Dynamics,Graph Theory and Probability Theory. Department has received a significant amount of grants from various funding agencies DST-FIST, UGC,NBHM etc.,

Department of Statistics

        The Department of Statistics was established in the year 1956, when Dr. C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer was the Vice-Chancellor. The department has been headed by eminent professors since its inception. The Curriculum was planned to train the students in the application of statistical methods in various fields, especially, in industries. The course contents are designed in accordance with the societal needs and with an objective to make the students globally competitive. The primary mandate of the department is to develop manpower in the field of Statistics. The department offers M.Scand Ph.D programmes in Statistics to develop expertise among young graduates looking for job carrier in statistics. The Department of Statistics has been sponsored by UGC-SAP- DRS-I and DST-FIST phase I. Faculty members have been continuously involved in initiating research in Applied Statistics and Biostatistics and building up platforms for interaction with teaching and research in sister departments of the University.

Department of Physics

        The Physics Department is the pioneer department of Annamalai University. Dr. Sir C.V. Raman visited the Physics Department twice during his career. The department has been headed by eminent professors since its inception. It boasts a rich alumni record of vice-chancellors, scientists in atomic research centres, ONGC,ISRO, and IISER, among others. The field of Spectrophysics originated in this department, with notable professors like Dr. K. Venkateswarlu and Dr. K. Ramswamy. The active research area is Nano science, and the department is equipped with major sophisticated spectroscopic, microscopic, and thermogravimetric equipment. The department now offers two-year PG and Ph.D. programs to cater to the needs of stakeholders. More focus is being given to hands on training in practical and application oriented project with industrial training.The department is funded by DST- FIST phase I and RUSA 2.0 protects.

Department of Chemistry

         The Department of Chemistry made its beginning in 1929. It is one of the earliest incepted departments of study in this university. The department has been headed by eminent chemists. The department has made outstanding research contributions under Prof. V. Baliah s dynamic leadership (1949-1976) and become a hub of research. This continues still with the strong research outputs from the faculties. Notable faculty from this department occupied highest academic distinction as Vice Chancellors of different Universities. Good laboratories, sophisticated instruments like GC-MS, NMR, Single crystal XRD and Powder XRD are available for the benefit of faculty, research scholars and students.The department is having separate library, ICT halls, chemical stores and glass blowing section.The Department of Chemistry has been sponsored by UGC-SAP DRS1 and DST-FIST phase II. The Department has mobilised research funds to a tune of 12 Cores from various research organisations like UGC, DST, CSIR, DBT, TANSCHE, TNSCST and DRDO. The faculty members have hold patents, member of professional bodies like RSC, CRSI. Two staff members were recognised by TANSA AWARD by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Department of Botany

         The Department of Botany is one of the oldest departments in the University, started in the year of 1932. The Department is well known for its classical research on the response of plants to music by our Former Head of the Department Dr. T.C.N. Singh. Eminent Scientists like Dr. A. Gnanam, Dr. K.M. Marimuthu, Dr. G. Kulandaivelu and Dr. M. Vivekanandan are the Alumni of the Department. The Department has attained UGC-SAP and DST-FIST status. The Department has sophisticated instruments like NIKON – Florescence Trinocular Microscope with phase contrast and image analyzer, ELISA Reader and washer , PCR, -80oC deep freezer , Gel Documentation system, RT-PCR, Nanophotometer , UV-visible spectrophotometer Autoanalyser for NPK and Minerals and Software for Teaching and Research purposes.

Department of Zoology

         The Department of Zoology, Annamalai University was founded in the year 1931 under the stewardship of the legendary teacher and outstanding researcher Prof. Dr. R. V. Seshaiya to teach ancillary courses. Subsequently, in 1932 it became a self sufficient and independent teaching department. Under the leaderships of great visionary professors such as Prof. Dr. R. V. Seshaiya, Prof. Dr. V. P. Govindan, Prof. Dr. Sankaramurthy and their brilliant successors. At present Department of Zoology offers M.Sc., Zoology (Two year) programme, Ph.D., Zoology and Ph.D., BioInformatics Programmes. The Department offering research opportunities in various field of Zoology such as : Vermibiotechnlogy, Entomology, Environmental Toxicology, Endocrinology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Phyto pharmaceuticals, Ethnobiology, Bioinformatics etc. Every year a minimum of 40% of student are getting placements through campus placement programmes and a good number of the students pass national level competitive tests such as NET, SLET, GATE etc.,As part of lab to land programme, the Department provides various training programmes on topics of public importance such as toxicological analysis, solid waste management, Vermitechnology, fisheries etc. The Department has been awarded UGC-SAP and DST- FIST programmes.

Department of Earth Sciences

         Initiated in 1953, the Department of Geology was designed in a way to develop scientific tools to study and monitor the earth processes and geo-resources such as minerals, oil and water. The potential and vibrant faculty community is actively involved in teaching and research in the field of Earth Sciences over the past 7 decades.The Department has strived to maintain its multidisciplinary approach towards Earth Sciences by applying the concepts of Geology to solve scientific problems faced by the society. Department is offering Five years integrated and Two-year regular M.Sc Programmes,Research Programs leading to Doctoral and Post Doctoral studies. Our Curriculum emphasize on field trips for training in Geological Mapping & Surveying, exploring mineral wealth, mining of economic minerals, Geophysical exploration and extra terrestrial learning which includes Moon and Mars too. The Department carries its legacy through 103 doctoral research persons, who have reputed placements all over the world. The Department maintains ties with well-known National organisations such as the Geological Survey of India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, National Geophysical Research Institute, Central Ground Water Board, ISRO, NLC, Directorate of Geology and Mining, International Companies and Organisations. Research projects worth of around 6 Crores were awarded from the UGC, DST and other Government agencies

Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

         The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Annamalai University stands as a beacon of excellence within the academic landscape. Its origins trace back to 1988 when it emerged as a Division within the Department of Chemistry under the aegis of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Annamalai University has excelled since becoming an autonomous department in 1994. Under the leadership of Dr. Venugopal P Menon, it has reached new heights in academia and research. In 2002, the department introduced a pioneering 5-year Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology program, expanding its focus. This was followed by a 2-year M.Sc. Biotechnology program in 2009. Recognised for its academic excellence, the department has received support from institutions like UGC-SAP and DST-FIST. Practical exposure is emphasised through field visits and hands-on projects, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their careers. Dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, the department integrates quality and ethics into its teaching and research. Through global standards, strategic collaborations, and a spirit of entrepreneurship, it fosters opportunities for learning and research in key areas such as cancer biology, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, toxicology, and neuroscience. Faculty members have received numerous prestigious awards, highlighting their commitment to excellence.

Department of Microbiology

         The Department of Microbiology was established in 2015.The Department is offering Five year, Two year and Ph.D Programmes in Microbiology.Department provides ample scope to students for academics and research.Audiovisual classrooms and advanced research laboratories with all necessary instruments are available for the students and scholars to undergo research in frontier areas of Microbiology.The Laboratory has the facilities like UV-Visible spectrophotometer,cooling centrifuge,Autoclave,Incubator,Laminar Air Flow chamber,Digital colony counter, UV- Trans illuminator ,Gel Electrophoresis apparatus etc.The Department also invites experts from various Institutes,Universities and Industries regularly for providing adequate exposure to students.The Department of Microbiology has obtained a patent and completed many UGC research and RUSA projects. The thrust research areas of the Department include Bioactive compounds from Microbial source,Antibiotic resistance Bacteria,Organic farming,Waste Management and Bio preservation of Food stuffs. The Alumni of Microbiology Department are working in various food, beverage related companies, research organizations and academic institutions.

Department of Computer and Information Science

         The Department of Computer and Information Science was established in the year 2015offers post graduate and doctoral programmes.The faculty members are well qualified, experienced and enthusiastic to impart excellent academic and industry tuned curriculum to the students.The computer laboratories have been equipped with state-of-art computers with recent programming languages, databases and softwares. It is facilitated with internet to connect various web domains.The Department inspires the students and scholars to involve themselves into innovative projects, in-plant trainings, internships, soft skill trainings, group discussions, workshops, group discussions and research works in various domains. The students are prepared with multi skill sets encompassing all the requirements to make them employable. The students get placements in various software companies, IT industries and academic institutions. The Department is involved in various frontier research areas of specialisations such as Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Internet of Things, Computer Networks and Network Security.

Department of Sports Sciences

        The MYAS-AU Department of Sports Sciences, Centre of Excellence was established in Annamalai University with the support of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS), Government of India during 2018 and is the youngest Department of Annamalai University. This department is offering specialised Certificate, Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D. degree programmes in the core areas of sports sciences, aimed at producing sports science professionals capable of providing Scientific support of international standard for improving performance and rehabilitation. Qualified and specialised faculty and well-equipped labs along with a comprehensive learning environment offered will provide the students a perfect atmosphere to excel in this emerging area with unlimited opportunities. The Department of Sports Sciences is having sports science laboratory of international standard in the specialised areas like Exercise physiology, Sports biomechanics, Sports physiotherapy, Sports anthropometry and Sports training, which will provide the opportunity to support athletes in optimising their sports performance to higher level. The department is functioning in association with stakeholders like Sports Authority of India, Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT), Sports Federations and Educational Institutions by facilitating the integration of sports science services on the field. Practical exposures to students in the state-of-the-art sports science laboratories and on field exposure would keep the students abreast with current developments in areas of sports sciences.



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