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Staff Id : 03473
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D
Specialization : Software Engineering
Date of Birth : 27-11-1969
Date of Joining : 14-09-2004
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617/1710, Ezhilagam,
V.M. Govindasamy Nagar,
Annamalai Nagar - 608 002.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 1918
Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "Regression Testing In Developer Environment For Absence Of Code Coverage.", Journal of Software Engineering And Applications, Volume 7, Number 7, Jul 2014, pp. 617-625. 2014.
List of Publications - International
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "Efficiency Of Test Case Prioritization Technique Based on Practical Priority Factors.", International Journal Of Soft Computing, Volume 10, Number 2, Jan 2015, pp. 183-188. 2015.
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "A New Effective Test Case Prioritization For Regression Testing Based on Prioritization Algorithm.", International Journal Of Applied Information Systems ISSN:2249-0868, Volume 6, Number 7, Jan 2014, pp. 21-26. 2014.
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "Comparison Of Test Case Prioritization Algorithm With Random Prioritization.", International Journal Of Computer science and Information Technology ISSN-0975-9646, Volume 5, Number 5, Oct 2014, pp. 6814-6818. 2014.
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "A Novel Prioritization Technique For Improving The Rate Of Error Detection in Regression Testing.", European Journal Of Scientific Research , Volume 126, Number 2, Nov 2014, pp. 133-141. 2014.
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M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "Effectiveness Of Test Case Prioritization Techniques based on Regression Testing.", International Journal Of Software Engineering And Applications, Volume 5, Number 6, Nov 2014, pp. 113-123. 2014.
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, "A Testcase Prioritization Method With Weight Factors in Regression Testing based on Measurement Metrics .", International journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering ISSN:2277-128X, Volume 3, Number 12, Dec 2013, pp. 390-396. 2013.
List of Conferences - National
M.Thillaikarasi,P.Venkatesh, Enhanced Methodology for prioritizing test cases, National conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics Instrumentation Automation and Control, Mar 19-19, 2014, coimbatore,Tamilnadu, pp. 405-409. Karpagam college of engineering, ETEIAC.
List of Conferences - International
M.Thillaikarasi,K.Seetharaman, Measuring The Effectiveness Of Test Case Prioritization Techniques Based On Weight Factors, International Conference on Advanced Computing, Oct 25-26, 2014, Bangalore,India, pp. 39-43. Computer Science and Information Technology, ADCO.