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Staff Id : 08121
Name : Dr. S. SATHISH BABU (Deputed)
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,M.B.A.,Ph.D
Specialization : Process Control, Image Processing, Iterative Learning Controllers
Date of Birth : 03-05-1975
Date of Joining : 01-07-2002
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 55
Ph.D. 20

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Attended 473-5
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Completed 1-1485000
Ongoing ---
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List of Publications - National
Sathishbabu, S.,Bhaba, P. K.; .; Sivaraman, E.; Karunanithi, T., "SIMC tuning rule based PI Controller in 1-1 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger System.", AUJET, Volume 1, Number 1, May 2005, pp. 12-15. 2005.
List of Publications - International
C. Naveen, B. Meenakshipriya, A. Tony Thomas, S. Sathiyavathi & S. Sathishbabu, "Real-Time Implementation of Iterative Learning Control for an Electro-Hydraulic Servo System.", IETE Journal of Research, Volume 68, Number 2, May 2022, pp. 1-16.
N. Shankar, S. Sathish Babu C. Viswanathan, "Morphometric analysis of X-ray and CT images for evaluating steoporosis, Cluster Computing.", Cluster Computing, Volume 1, Number 4, Mar 2018, pp. 1-9.
N. Shankar, S. Sathish Babu C. Viswanathan, "Bone Trabecular Analysis of proximal femur radiograph for the detection of osteoporosis using ANSIOTROPHIC MORLET WAVELET TRANSFORM..", Cluster Computing, Volume 21, Number 1, Mar 2018, pp. 1-11.
19. Shankar N , Sathish Babu, Dr RajMohan, Allwyn Gnanadas , "Analysis of Trabecular bone of femur Radiographs for detecting osteoporosis using MWT and DWT.", International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 119, Number 15, Mar 2018, pp. 2129-2140. 2018.
S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,Sivasankar,Vijayabalan, "Application of Iterative Learning Control Strategy for SISO Process.", International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 1, Number 3, Jan 2014, pp. 36-40. 2014.
S.Sathishbabu,P.K.Bhaba, "Tracking Position Control of AC Servo Motor Using Enhanced Iterative Learning Control Strategy.", International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, Volume 3, Number 6, Sep 2012, pp. 26-33. 2012.
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S.M Jagadesh,S.Sathishbabu, "A Model Reference PID Control System And Its Application To SISO Process.", International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Volume 2, Number 2, Mar 2012, pp. 1543-1550. 2012.
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S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,P.K.Bhaba, "A New Repetitive Control Strategy in a Liquid Level System.", Modern Applied Science, Volume 3, Number 11, 2009, pp. 17-23. 2009.
Sathishbabu, S.,Bhaba, P. K.; .; Asokan, A.; Karunanithi, T., "Real Time Implementation of Wiener Model PI (WMPI) Controller in a Conical Tank Liquid Level Process.", Journal of Applied Science, Volume 7, Number 15, May 2007, pp. 2194-2197. 2007.
List of Conferences - National
S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,P.K.Bhaba, Real Time Implementation of Repetitive Control Strategy in Liquid Level System, National Symposium on Instrumentation, Dec 8-10, 2008, Vizag, pp. 111-112. Vizag, Instrument Society of India.
S.Sathishbabu,M.Rajavelu,P.K.Bhaba, Wiener model based PI controller in Conical tank liquid level process-An experiemntal study, Process Identification,Control and Diagnosis, Dec 16-17, 2005, Chennai, pp. 101-104. Chennai, MIT.
Sathishbabu.S,M.Rajavelu,P.K.Bhaba, Simulation studies on SIMC tuning rule based PI controller for conical tank level system, Mathematical and Computational Models, Dec 15-16, 2005, Coimbatore, pp. 145-147. Coimbatore, PSG college og Technology.
List of Conferences - International
S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,P.K.Bhaba, Speed Control of DC Motor using Iterative Learning Controller, Modeleing,Control,Automation and Communication, Dec 20-21, 2010, Chennai, pp. 41-42. Chennai, E-Pub.
S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,P.K.Bhaba, Application Of Modified Repetitive Control Strategy For A DC Motor, Modeleing,Control,Automation and Communication, Dec 20-21, 2010, Chennai, pp. 14-14. Chennai, E-Pub.
S.Sathishbabu,M.Vijayakarthick,P.K.Bhaba, Real time Implementation of Modified Repetitive Control Strategy in a DC moto, International Conference on Control Automation and Robotics, Dec 7-10, 2010, Singapore, pp. 45-46. Singapore, IEEE, Nanyang Technological University.