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Staff Id : 10533
Name : Dr. A. PUNITHA
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Image and Video Processing
Date of Birth : 22-08-1978
Date of Joining : 16-12-2004
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New. No. 40, Periyar Street,
Chidambaram - 608 001.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 7-
Ph.D. 06

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List of Publications - International
Ancy Stephen,A.Punitha and Dr A. Chandrasekar, "Using Open Remote Sensing Data to build an Agriculture Big Data System.", Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, Volume 12, Number 2, Apr 2021, pp. 429-436. 2021.
S Sathiya, M Balasubramanian, A Punitha, P Sivaraj, "A CNN-based Traffic Sign Recognition System.", Springer Nature,Artificial Intelligence and IoT: Smart Convergence for Eco-friendly Topography, Volume 85, Number 1, Feb 2021, pp. 151-166. 2021.
Ashiq Irphan K, A.Punitha, "Design of Mask RCNN with Optimal Deep Wavelet Neural Network based Lung Nodule Detection and Classification Model.", Design Engineering, Volume 9, Number 0011-9342, 2021, pp. 8523-8538. 2021.
G.Rajalakshmi, A.Punitha, "Efficient Method For Identification Of Anomalies Based On A Deep Learning Classification Methodology.", Design Engineering, Volume 8, Number 0011-9342, 2021, pp. 2331-2350. 2021.
GR Sakthidharan, P Saravanan, A Punitha, P Chandra Sekhar Reddy, "Developing improved Energy-Based Node Charge Replenishment Model in Large-Scale Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks.", Journal of Critical Reviews, Volume 7, Number 14, 2020, pp. 42-50. 2020.
K. Naveen Babu , R. Karthikeyan , A. Punitha, "An integrated ANN – PSO approach to optimize the material removal rate and surface roughness of wire cut EDM on INCONEL 750.", Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 19, Number 19, Aug 2019, pp. 501-505.
Rajagopalan Karthikeyan, Kavati Venkateswarlu, Syed Yousufuddin & A Punitha, "Regression and Taguchi – gray analysis for multi response optimization of alternative fuel operated diesel engine with EGR.", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects,Taylor & Francis, Volume 42, Number 1, Oct 2019, pp. 1-12.
A.Punitha, M.KalaiselviGeetha, "Automatic Analysis of partially occluded Facial Expressions.", International Journal of Imaging and Robotics. CESER Publisher, Volume 16, Number 4, 2016, pp. 81-99. 2016.
A.Punitha, M.KalaiselviGeetha, "Driver eye state detection based on Minimum Intensity Projection using Tree Based Classifiers.", Springer, Cham, Volume 384, Number 1, 2016, pp. 103-111.
A.Punitha M.KalaiselviGeetha, "Driver Eye State Detection using Minimum Intensity Projection - An Application to Driver Fatigue Alertness.", Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Volume Vol 8, Number 17, Aug 2015, pp. 1-9. 2015.
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A.Punitha, M.KalaiselviGeetha, "An analysis of Facial Expressions from Motion History Image using PCA and SVM.", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 20, 2014, pp. 4580-4584. 2014.
A.Punitha, M.Kalaiselvi Geetha, "Texture based Emotion Recognition from Facial Expressions using Support Vector Machine.", International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 80, Number 5, Oct 2013, pp. 1-5. 2013.
A.Punitha, M.Kalaiselvi Geetha, "HMM Based Real Time Facial Expression Recognition.", International Journal on Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE), Volume 3, Number 1, 2013, pp. 180-185. 2013.
List of Conferences - National
A.Punitha, M.Kalaiselvi Geetha, Motion Based Video Categorization., National conference on research areas in computer science., Apr 24-25, 2008, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus,Chennai, pp. 5-9. India, SRM University..
List of Conferences - International
A. Punitha, M. Kalaiselvi Geetha, A.Sivaprakash, Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Based On Eye State Analysis, IEEE International conference on circuit, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT 2014), Mar 20-21, 2013, Nagercoil, pp. 1-5. India, IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
A.Punitha, M.Kalaiselvi Geetha, HMM Based Real Time Facial Expression Recognition, International Conference on Information System and Computing (ICISC-13), Jan 4-5, 2013, Sairam Engineering College, Chennai., pp. 180-185. India, International Journal on Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE).
List of Book Published
G.R.Sakthidharan , A.Punitha, Internet of Things : Novel Advances and Envisioned Applications , Springer International Publishing AG : Springer , ISBN-13: 9783319534701 ISBN-10: 331953470X, pp. 173-192. May 2017.