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Staff Id : 10881
Name : Dr. S. MANIKANDAN (Deputed)
Department : Computer and Information Science
Qualification : M.Sc(Comp.Sci),M.Phil(Comp.Sci).,M.C.A,B.Ed(Comp.Sci).,P.G.Dip in Yoga.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Wireless Communication Networks
Date of Birth : 06-05-1979
Date of Joining : 07-03-2005
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Plot No. 26 Murali's Park Avenue,
Near DDE,
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. --
Ph.D. 02

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19 Years2 Years
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List of Publications - International
S.Manikandan and M.Jeyakarthic, , "HYBRID HIERARCHICAL BLOCK DESIGN FOR ADJACENT NEIGHBOR SELECTION MECHANISM IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS.", Universal Journal , Volume VIII, Number IV, Jun 2019, pp. 198-206. 2019.
S.Manikandan and M.Jeyakarthic, , "A TREND ANALYSIS OF DISTRIBUTED ENERGY EFFICIENT CLUSTERING TECHNIQUES IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS.", IEEE Xplore digital library, Volume I, Number IV, Jun 2019, pp. 1177-1182. 2019.
S.Manikandan and M.Jeyakarthic, , "AN ENERGY-EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTED UNEQUAL CLUSTERING APPROACH FOR LIFETIME MAXIMIZATION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS.", Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing, Volume IX, Number II, Oct 2019, pp. 63-76. 2019/
S.Manikandan and M.Jeyakarthic, , "A PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION DEVELOPMENT FOR ROUTING AND CLUSTER FORMATION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS.", ”, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume IX, Number II, Dec 2019, pp. 1473-1477. 2019/DOI: 10.35940/ijitee.B6600.129219.
M.Jeyakarthic and S.Manikandan, "AN ENERGY EFFICIENT LOAD BALANCING PROTOCOL FOR MULTI-HOP CLUSTERING IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK.", International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume IX, Number II, Dec 2019, pp. 2270-2275. 2019/ DOI: 10.35940/ijeat.B3517.129219.
S.Manikandan and M.Jeyakarthic, , "A PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF ENERGY CONSERVATION CLUSTERING ALGORITHM TO PROLONG THE LIFETIME OF WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS.", International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, Volume I, Number 1, Oct 2018, pp. 263-271. 2018.
List of Book Published
S.Manikandan, Contemporary Skills in Data Processing, Salem: Royal Book Publishing-International, 9789391131005, pp. 135-148. Oct 2020.