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Staff Id : 10962
Name : Dr. K. JAYANTHI (Deputed)
Department : Computer and Information Science
Qualification : M.C.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Image Processing, Nature Inspired Computational Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data Analysis
Date of Birth : 23-12-1979
Date of Joining : 24-03-2005
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 52
Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - International
Jayanthi, K. and Sudha, L.R., "SVM Parameter Optimization using ALO for Object Based Land Cover Classification.", International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume 8, Number 5, Jan 2020, pp. 2968-2972. 2020.
Jayanthi, K. and Sudha, L.R., "Optimal Feature Subset Selection for Imbalanced Class Data using SMOTE and Binary ALO Algorithm.", International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 9, Number 3, Mar 2020, pp. 344-349. 2020.
Jayanthi, K. and Sudha, L.R., "Optimal Multi-level Thresholding for Satellite Image Segmentation Using ALO Algorithm.", Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Volume 11, Number 2, Jan 2019, pp. 570-586. 2019.
Jayanthi, K. and Ashok Bakkiyaraj.R., "Composite Power System Reliability Evaluation Based on Efficient State Search Using Binary Grasshopper Optimisation Algorithm.", International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Volume 7, Number 4, Feb 2019, pp. 62-66. 2019.
Jayanthi, K. and Sudha, L.R., "Optimal Gray Level Mapping for Satellite Image Contrast Enhancement Using Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm.", International Journal of Engineering Science invention, , Volume 2, Number 1, Jan 2018, pp. 38-44. 2018.
Jayanthi, K. and Sudha, L.R., "DWT- SVD Based Contrast Enhancement of Satellite Images with Optimal Shape Tuning And Thresholding Parameters using Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm.", International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 9, Number 1, Feb 2018, pp. 726-734. 2018.
List of Conferences - National
Jayanthi, K, Object-Based Classification of Land Cover Data Using Machine Learning Classifiers, National Conference on Machine Learning Techniques, Dec 12-13, 2018, Annamalainagar, pp. 206-210. Chennai, VR1 Publications.
Jayanthi, K, Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm for Grey Level Mapping in Image Contrast Enhancement, National Conference on Smart Information Light Fidelity Internet of Things (SILICON-16), Mar 16-17, 2016, Chennai, pp. 58-63. Chennai, SILICON-16.
List of Conferences - International
Jayanthi, K, Optimal Wrapper Based Feature Space Reduction for High Dimensional Imbalanced Class Data Classification, International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology, Sep 24-25, 2019, Annamalainagar, pp. 168-171. Chennai, VR1 Publications.
Jayanthi, K, Feature Selection for Classification of Imbalanced Land Cover Data Using Random Forest Based Recursive Feature Elimination Algorithm, International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology, May 3-3, 2019, Chennai, pp. 225-231. Chennai, ICRTET-19.