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Staff Id : 14294
Name : Dr. E. KARTHIKEYAN (Deputed)
Department : Computer and Information Science
Qualification : M.C.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Image Processing,neural network
Date of Birth : 23-05-1974
Date of Joining : 31-12-2007
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Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
S.MadhanMohan and Dr.E.Karthikeyan, "An Extensive Review of Metaheuistic Optimization based Clustering and Routing Protocols for Vehicular Adhoc Networks.", UGC,http://Strad, Volume 8, Number 8,ISSN:0039-2049, Aug 2021, pp. 175-188.,AUGUST 2021.
List of Publications - International
Ayeesha Nasreen M,Senthilkumar K,Karthikeyan E,Gnana Arun Johnson Johnson,Harie Shanker E M,Venkatasubramanian s, "IoT and AI Based Recognition and Classification of Covid Persons in Public Place.", Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry(TOJQI), Volume 12, Number 8,ISSN:1309-6591, Jul 2021, pp. 7098-7110. July-2021.
Venkatasuramannian S,Saravanan P,Dr.Saravanan A,Ongole Gandhi,Karthikeyan E,Naveen Kumar Plisetty s, "Image De-Blurring & De-Noising Using Wiener Filters& Anisotropic Diffusion for Natural ImagesD.", DESIGN ENGINEERING, Volume 2021, Number 9,ISSN: 0011-9342, Dec 2021, pp. 8539-8547. 2021.
Dr.E.Karthikeyan and Dr.S.Venkatakrishnan, "Intelligent Classification Technique for Breast Cancer.", International Journal Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 8, Number 6,ISSN:2249-8958, Aug 2019, pp. 2313-2316. August 2019.
E.Karthikeyan and Dr.S.Venkatakrishnan, "Breast Cancer Classification Using SVM Classifier.", Internaional Journal Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume 8, Number 4, Nov 2019, pp. 527-529. November 2019,ISSN:2277-3878.
E.Karthikeyan and Dr.S.Venkatakrishnan, "Detection of Breast Cancer in the Bio Medical Image using Supervised Machine Learning.", International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 9, Number 2, Dec 2019, pp. 1140-1142. December 2019,ISSN:2278-3075.
List of Conferences - International
E.Karthikeyan and Dr.S.Venkatakrishnan, SVM Based Breast Cancer Classification, International Conference of Cognitive Computing, Dec 13-14, 2018, Department of ECE,Adhi College Of Engineering and Technology, pp. 45-45. Communication and Informatics Systems(ICCCCIS-2018), International Conference of Cognitive Computing,Communication and Informatics Systems(ICCCCIS-2018).
E.Karthikeyan , A Study of Fuzzy Techniques in Fuzzy Image Processing, Recent Research trends in medical image retrieval for health care data and information system, Aug 24-24, 2018, PG&Research Department of Computer Science,Pachamuthu College of Arts&Science for Women,Dharmapuri,TamilNadu, pp. 74-78. PACHAMUTHU COLLEGE OF ARTS&SCIENCE FOR WOMEN(Affiliated to Periyar University,Salem-11)Dharmapuri636 701, Shanlax International Journal of Arts,Science and Humanities.
List of Book Published
E.Karthikeyan , International Conference on Recent Research trends in medical image retrieval for health care data and information system, 61,66 VP Complex,TPK Main Road,Vasantha nager,Madurai-625 003,Tamil Nadu,India: Shanlax International Journal of Arts,Science and Humanities, 2321-788X, pp. 74-78. Aug 2018,